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You've ever loved. I think there's so much to learn from listening to people talk about the people who make them feel a certain way. So there I am. On the couch with Mister Rogers. Wow, Look at my face. The way that he looked at me. I felt like he saw me when we people can understand our feelings and talk about them. We're free to be who we like being For 30 years, Mr Rogers look through our television screens and said to millions of kids, I see you. I like you just the way you are. But what did we miss about Fred's message when we only focus on the sweater and the sneakers? I mean, does Fred Rogers matter today? I think a lot of people just thought that he was very simplistic. But there was an incredibly since the home of the musky 700 wlw. The Republic Bank broadcast booth. We have seven minutes of 30 seconds to play in the second half. Saint John 73 Musketeers. 64 Daily Beast Rolling. Merriman is a proud supporter of Xavier basketball. Stop by today for socially distanced dining carry out. And give car purchases or shop. They're tremendous selection of wine and beer in the bottle Shop daily Bistro located in the heart of Mary Ma closed on Sundays. Both teams have attempted 56 shots of the ballgame. Xavier making 24 for 43% ST John's, They've made 27. For 48% Xavier has taken 31 3 point attempts. They've made 11 for 36%. That's around it up a little bit 10 to 27 for ST John's there 37% ST John's with lead 73. The 64 ST John's Dina 10 from the free throw line is Xavier Musketeers, five of seven from the free Throw line. Joe Zabrze typically takes about 22 threes a game. They've got 31 3 pointer attempts. In this one, and I I think they're just settling for them too often, even though they're open, so they've got opportunities to drive to the bucket and get get some tools to get some confidence there Right now. It's live or die with the three Musketeers inbounding the basketball out to the top of the key cut by Johnson. One. Dribble three is on the way off the iron. No good Shaver, now 11 32 from three point range. ST. John's with the rebound, bringing it across the timeline is done. Top of the key whips it to the left side of the floor down in the paint them or Gives it up too done. He fades away in a 17 footer, and it's good. It's a tough shot. My.

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