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They're going to stop providing battery. Health reports provided two bidders says the mannheim presidents with the batteries being the single most expensive. Bit of ev. Outta plug in hybrid. Of course as well when you purchase the call you want to get a little bit of reassurance on how good oh maybe how much battery has been charged on. Ac dc fast charging get a sense of the battery health as well even what type of battery inside what. What kind of warranty might be left with the manufacturer and actually the range and the capacity left side last year. There are one hundred and fourteen thousand eve as on mannheim's abortion books and that was a fraction of the five and a half million they handle last year eve as increasing the proportion of that though. And that's a great little move up towards also where i found that story in the show notes that you can read more and that's your podcast for that. I thank you for listening right question of the week. I'm going to read your answers on sunday show tomorrow. We'll do a week next week because we're going to get this one two weeks their own in it'll be on twenty fourth. Someday i read the answers out. What do you think about warranties and rather what do you think about used servicing. Do you wanna see a used car that you buy. Maybe auction like mannheim. We're talking about maybe privately always going back to a main data being serviced. Maybe third policy. Maybe no service at all you care. What about the warranty issue unused cost. Tell me about when buying a used car. If you haven't done it maybe you will do in the future. Do you care about the service history of that vehicle people flippantly say. Well you know. As have no moving parts they need servicing..

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