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At the mall, and they have witnessed anything to call their department at 414471 84 30. Those two need to recover property like vehicles that might still be in the parking lot. They're asked to contact Mayfair Mall security in an update provided last night, chief very, Weber said. The incident was first reported around 2 50 yesterday afternoon and that multiple people were injured. In that shooting. Seven injured adults and one injured teenager were transported to the hospital by while we toast the fire department. Extent of their injuries is unknown at this time. Everybody was alive at that time, though, so there's not been any fatalities that I'm aware of. Police say the shooting was due to an altercation, not a random act. The mall remains closed today as police continue to investigate for Summit Mayfair Mall. It was several hours before they were able to leave safely yesterday. Adam, a manager of a coffee shop in the mall, he tells wtmj. The shooting wasn't that loud. It was really subtle way heard a couple. It's almost on it just like boxes were dropping once he saw people fleeing to exit, CIA and other workers sheltered in place. Was dead Silence for you know a good portion of the time he kept in touch with other store managers to get updates. But it wasn't until after seven PM when law enforcement got to them from the door where they were. We had people so we're able to see them and then they were escorted out. Rusty Milburn WTMJ. In other news, all three suspects believed to have been involved in a shots fired incident along I 80 94, a subsequent chase through New Berlin last night's have now been arrested. Residents in the area got an alert last night, asking them to shelter in place after the vehicle crashed in three people fled on foot. Two of those suspects were apprehended last night. The third and final suspect was brought into custody today. A second killer was sent out this morning, telling residents there is quote no further safety concern for the community. The gun deer hunting season is officially underway in Wisconsin Storm team for meteorologist Brian Niznansky says weather conditions should be favorable across the state, northwestern Wisconsin Up towards like Hayward for today.

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