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I learned when I was working with the late amazing Amy Winehouse on her album back to black a lot of fuss was made about the signing of the albums that myself and so I mean the other producer cheese how we capture this long a sound that without the very very twenty first century personality and five and it was Amy Winehouse and has lyrics about we have the whole thing would have ran the risk of being a past used to be on it I mean there is no doubt that Amy and I and slam all had this love for this gospel soul and blues and jazz it was evident I think the musical arrangements it was she brought the ingredients that made it I gin and of the time when you sit down to like to write or produce something and you can listen to all this music and you always listen to music how do you sort of separate yourself from what's in your head or put your own spin on a sound that's just been swirling around inside of you well you know I DJ a lot as well as to DJ and I could you know clubs and all these festivals in the summer and when it's time for me to make my own record I really do have to just stop doing all that because you never know you know you've been playing all this other music for an hour and a half the night before you get in the studio like you don't want that stuff to sort of filter into I mean prince I used to read into usually said what he said he never listens to anyone else's music but his own I mean I guess of the songs I wrote was good as princes maybe that lie to me but so I you know when it's time to work on the record I kind of put the blinders on a bit more and make sure that you know I'm not too much listening to something especially if it's something everyone is making a big fuss about that the last thing you want to do have that filter and your work by the time you put out this record you right for you and a half if someone says I owe yeah it sounds like arcade fire you just wanna go jump out a window it happened to you before no it hasn't but it's like it's something that I'm in wary of because it you know at the end of the day like I think you'd be really hard pressed to this is something today and not be able to at least find full of ours of its competitors of something outside and that's why when I see young produces today like kids who are nineteen twenty they stay up all night just sampling straight from you to which is dangerous in the kind of you know this trouble lines Erica's credit needs to go to the people that created the stuff in the first place but it does make for some incredible exciting all right and you know it does mean that some little kids sitting in his basement in Ohio with a laptop computer making some of the most interesting.

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