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Hey j crew here i had at the show and this week our three hosts well they forgot to record and obscenity warning while they were in the studio however they did not forget to be obscene so consider cells warned and enjoy the program i used to think manusha was a jewish was i get his word flick menasheh athletic nigel vow that i was like oh my god i lives latte in latin for his own law had not notice hello j group this is unorthodox weren't french say unorthodox the world's leading jewish podcast i'm your host mark oppenheimer joined this week by had late senior writer and two time new york city marathon finisher lee l e bullets hello a little bit sore there a my board and deputy editor stephanie button it hello who is run no marathon zero marathon between us we have to marathon between threat i may as and as you have to two fat and you back up after all that weight loss leah we have to jews this week both involved in the culinary world carry brody reds emma's towards a cafe in brooklyn completely stopped by refugees finishing culinary training and food blogger lilley diamond founder of the blog kale and caramel he very foodie november day to you both how many times you can say culinary on this episode do you wanna know why so do say culinary yeah i once site tonight show episode with tony randall you know the lead comedian an opera buff and general fish asleep tony randall where he was complaining about how people mispronouncing culinary and he said all the kids these these are also and culinary and ever since i heard that i feel i should say chew in a sea users acuna form i mean this is like the next mishmash mitch because i was afraid to let it or the beasely bombo which is currently brewing on our facebook page aid i think that tony randall was the last person say culinary i've just keeping alive the spirit of time you're out of each like them where do you used in a s.

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