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Improve their roster. They brought in a couple of veterans they brought in JJ watt a defensive end. And wide receiver, AJ, green. So a lot of people don't realize there's one move the Cardinals made that I go, oh, that's a big deal. And people aren't talking about not a lot of people talk about special teams. The Arizona Cardinals signed veteran kicker Matt prater. And that was a much needed upgrade. Their kicker last year, missed a couple of field goals in key moments and the end of games. And now, unlike last year, Arizona has a reliable veteran kicker, a guy they can trust at the end of a game to make a kick when they need it. And adding Matt prater is a big deal for Arizona. Now, they also traded for new starting center Rodney Hudson. They only gave up a 7th round pick to get him from the Las Vegas Raiders. Now, I will say, despite adding Rodney Hudson, the offensive line for Arizona. It's still a question for me. I'm particularly skeptical of right guard Josh Jones and right tackle Kelvin beachum. This offensive line, they're making progress. They're not as bad as they were last year. But they're also still not where they need to be. And I frankly do not trust this offensive line at all against teams like Cleveland or Indianapolis or San Francisco. Teams that have a good defensive line are going to force Kyle Murray run around a bunch and survive and extend plays. And I don't think that they're going to beat a team that's got a really good defensive line because of their offensive line being such a weakness. Now, the Cardinals have running back chase Edmonds I really like him. He's a stud, and they also brought in former steelers running back James Conner. But the strength of this football team, like buy a mile. And it's kind of an unusual one for an NFL team. The strength of this team is their wide receiving corps. They brought in AJ green from Cincinnati. He's a stud former pro bowler and they're pairing him alongside incredible receiver. Maybe the best receiver in the NFL Deandre Hopkins, plus they have Christian Kirk and Andy Isabella, I'm also excited to watch rookie receiver rondale Moore out of perdue. This is one of the best if not the very best receiving core in the entire NFL. Now it's a weird thing to be dominantly good at because receivers are great, and they certainly alleviate a lot of pressure. But if you're a quarterback on his back, getting hit all the time, it's not going to matter. So offensive line is key for the Arizona Cardinals. And they got to get the ball out of Kyler Murray hands really quickly. I hope they move them around a lot outside the pocket rolling them out or hopefully extends plays. Now, Kyler Murray they're starting quarterback though. Is unbelievable. And thank God this guy can run. He's one of my favorite young quarterbacks in the NFL. He's got a massive arm. I know he's a shorter quarterback, but kyla murra's arm strength is actually supremely underrated. Go watch him in college. He made a throw against West Virginia,.

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