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I i thought it was maybe a level of above you. Remember you remember. Josh mcdaniel. His first year as coach of the broncos and remember the disrespectful display of enthusiasm enjoyed joy that he had when he was coaching the broncos and they beat the pitch They beat the bill. Bella checking the new england patriots. I don't know what the for the fifth or sixth game of the season. I know they jumped out of that. Shoot six an hour. They collapsed after that. But one of those games at the mile high at At denver razzano. I don't know who it was a wide receiver bill. The think they want an over time and then after the game over his josh daniel running around the running around the field leaping into the players arms do on his all kinds of nonsense and this like man. This guy know that this is the only game four or five of the season. There's a long way to go and do that. You know the beaten the patriots. The dynasty led patriots. Then and bill bell check with a big deal but come on man. I mean you know that's i mean. What are we back in college. What are we back in high school. We back in college to wear wisconsin or would go back to where something like a northwestern football team beats Second ranked ohio state in the fans rushed the field. I mean it's a little bit ridiculous so that was just a level above. I thought the enthusiasm of the cleveland. A player's going nuts. After they won that game it'd be the pittsburgh steeler team again. that should have beaten already. I mean the fact that they only one twenty four. Twenty two steeler teams played five days of our steamy five games and twenty five days. Y'all are getting all excited about that. A team steelers team that played without a starters without rothlisberger without tj. What y'all supposed to be a legit playoff team and you guys are acting like that. You allow backup quarterback racing some guy named mason the red nose reindeer the throw for three hundred fifteen yards on two touchdowns and one of the section twenty to thirty nine passing. You almost lost a game. Playoff opportunity after leading. Twenty four to nine in the fourth quarter. You guys are going to be acting like that and you guys expect to be doing something in the nfl playoffs. Really twenty four nine in the fourth quarter. They almost blew that game with off. Do a twenty eight yard pass to rookie. Wideout chase claypool. Make a twenty four. Sixteen in after cleveland's stall cleveland drove drove installed there Drive in pittsburgh territory. Ucf ten times faster. Rudolph threw a two yard touchdown. Pass juju smith schuster to make a twenty four twenty two with one twenty three left to go of the game. The two point conversion rudolph overthrew claypool tight end for the browns stephan. Carlson covered announced side. Kit mayfield and company were able to drink. The rest of the cloudy..

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