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Right. So producer, Chris tracked down. Russell westbrook. Talking about a fan hitting him from courtside while he was trying to make a play. Control your kids. Just simple kid. There have fun. Enjoy. Too much leeway man for the fans to be able to touch the players and get away with it. Can't react. We need to do to protect ourselves. So important. Kids, whoever it is that moms that they want. Respectful touchiness. So in this case, it was a kid Westbrook wasn't in danger. But, but that's beside the point the fact that he was in a position where a fan could touch him or could make contact with him means that he could be in danger. If it wasn't a kid if it was an adult if it was someone who had malicious intent was attempting to let's say trip a play or something like that. That's what I mean hands and feet inside the ride at all times. And I agree with Westbrook. I also appreciate his his poison his maturity in that particular situation because he does play with a great fire and aggressiveness. So for him to maintain self control to recognize that it was a kid and to know. He cannot react or retaliate in any way. Maybe a younger Westbrook wouldn't have had the same reaction. He finished an assist shy of a triple double twenty two points, fourteen rebounds, nine assists. It's after hours on CBS, sports radio and on Facebook. We're collecting your questions for asking me, anything producer. Chris will Wade through those and we're now forty five minutes ish away from that home show staple. Also, you can send them to our show Twitter after hours CBS. So I talked about John Mara. The owner of the giants commenting about the competition committee meetings, and whether or not there will be amendments to instant replay. Well, he's not the only one who is on that committee. Or who was speaking Stephen Jones is the son of Jerry Jones with the Dallas Cowboys. He's also part of that committee, and in addition to the meetings going on which he talked about there were a couple of other big name members of his defense who were in the news on. Tuesday. So there's more than one name. Let me get through all of this. And then you can comment. Randy, Gregory suspended indefinitely. By the NFL. This would be his fourth suspension. It is his forced suspension. He's entering rehab. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL network. Because it's once again, a violation of the NFL's drug and substance abuse policy and just keep in mind when it comes to guys like Randy, Gregory or Josh, Gordon anyone who's already in the program. There are much more strict and stringent regulations testing protocols rules. They have to follow in the case of Gregory because he was all already reinstated once by the Commissioner after seemingly getting his life together his life in order and he came back last season and played fourteen games. And was second on the Cowboys with six sacks. He was a force a definite resurrection to his career. But he's either missed a test failed a test or missed some other step that he has to complete so again, don't confuse this with oh, the guy smoked pot or popped positive or just accidentally missed a test. No when you're in grainy, Gregory situation. There's none of that. There are no. And I mean, this is literally as possible. Make it. There are no ways that you were allowed to bypass or sidestep the testing or the rules at the NFL is set up for you once you're this deep into the drug program. You don't have any wiggle room. There's a zero tolerance policy and Randy Gregory knows that sodas Josh, Gordon. Again, when you have already been in the program. I don't know if you guys are familiar, but you're I failed drug test. You don't even get a suspension, in fact, in most cases, it doesn't even become public. But what happens is you enter the drug program. And after that. There isn't the same type of grace and leeway and so in Gregory's case because he'd already been reinstated by the NFL Commissioner. After he gone through the steps and made the progress that he had this is now up to Roger Goodell if and when Gregory's allowed to come back he has to prove that he's back on track that he completed rehab and that he will submit to all the testing. And I think last year there were ten ten random tests in the fourteen weeks in which he was playing with the Cowboys. But you can't you can't miss a step. There is no more grace or forgiveness, quote, unquote. When you're this deep in the program. So Randy Gregory facing his four suspension. Now, an indefinite leave of absence from the Cowboys David Irving could be in the same boat. Now, his would be third suspension in three years. Gosh, going back to when he was just busting onto the scene with the Cowboys. We had him on the show. And I remember him talking about how he turned his life around and how his daughter meant everything to him. And he talked about living out. Of his car when he was in college. He had been. He had been kicked off the team when he was in college was state. I think is where he went and played his college ball. But we in fact that conversations on our YouTube channel, and I look back now, and it's like, wow. He needed more. He needs more guidance around him people to help keep them in line, though. Of course, if someone wants to run afoul of the rules that are set up. Well, there's not a whole lot. You can do may remember Josh Gordon had security with him all the time. And even ditch that during the bye week with the patriots. And so in the case of David Irving. It's it's amazing. And I don't mean like awesome incredible. It's stunning. What's happened over the last several years? He was in line for a massive payday with the Cowboys and just hasn't been able to stay clean to stay sober to against a in between the lines of the NFL has set up for him. Now, it's not the same for DaMarcus Lawrence. The Cowboys have made their first offered to him. As the top pass rusher for them. But also one of the top pass rushers in the NFL. They are confident that they will get a deal done. What you hear from Stephen Jones after the top of the hour. They're confident that they'll get a deal done. But right now, it doesn't sound like the two sides or close. So Stephen Jones of the Dallas Cowboys coming up on the competition committee addressing replay the signing of DeMarcus Lawrence and also the Jason Garrett contract that he doesn't have all of that is straight ahead. Eight five five two one.

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