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Um crossing over in just overwhelming all roma defenses or as you mentioned guys mars he's the guy who kinda put the end to the kimbery a who was the sky and uh why was he considered the third founder of rome guys marias was he was a he was a new man ran this is a concept gets a introduced in the book the nova's home out where the the consul ships the high offices a admission into the senate is all tightly controlled by the noble families have round and a noble family by this point is defined as somebody who has a consular ancestor right where if if you've if your father were you grandfather your great greatgrandfather i had achieved the consul ship than your whole family was then a noble uh you became one of the elite of the elite and those families tried to keep the consul ship uh in their own in their own hands they didn't want to share with anybody else they didn't like it when quote unquote new man showed up and guys morris was a new man he was is not some white hardscrabble a commoner he comes from a very affluent family from us that he not too far away from rome but he had no consular ancestors he was a nova's home out um but he was incredibly ambitious and so he wanted to push his way into power and he oelkam at lee was able to push his way into power thanks to again that the constant now complaints about the corruption the selfcenteredness of the senate he was able to kind of harness a lot of those a lot of the same energy that drove the great guy guys morris was able to harness a lot of that for his own for his own aims and he manages to push his way into the consul ship.

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