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I am creating an online course for my recovery recipe. I am so crazy excited about this. It will be a great opportunity to utilize the recovery recipe the way it's meant to be used with guidance from me on exactly how to use each piece it will be fully online so you can do it at home in your undies on your own time. How amazing is that in his totally private David? I will keep you posted on that too totally private in your undies. Do It on your time so that's coming up. You'll hear more about that in speaking of totally private I get several messages a week asking me if our facebook group is private where can other people see that you are in there and the addiction unlimited group page is a private page so it will not show up in your feed or anything like that. Only the people in the group can see you in what you post but for those of you who are worried about the privacy issue. Remember that I'm a life coach right. I work with a ton of people who don't have any addiction issues at all. I work with people to change all kinds of habits. I work with people setting goals for their business business. I work with couples for better communication. I'm a life coach. I happened to also be a recovering alcoholic so I love working with people with addiction issues but if you were ever questioned about being a part of my group you are welcome to let people know I work on improving life in rebuilding self esteem and being a better human regardless of what you're recovering from. Just tell them I'm a life coach in. It's good information and it's supportive. That's all you have to to say and I hope that helps because I do get that question a lot so I hope you guys love this episode on Rock bottom. I hope it makes more sense for you and I would love to hear some of your stories to and don't forget to join is in the facebook group. <HES> FACEBOOK DOT com forward slash groups forward slash addiction unlimited. I will also put that in the show notes our show notes get long <hes> you can link directly to our facebook group the coaching page age and whatever else I said I would put in there. You can find that right in the show notes on your podcast up. We'll keep it nice and simple for you. I hope you guys are having a great day and I look forward to next week's episode we have Daniel Henderson coming on Daniel Henderson a young guy he got sober young and in early sobriety he went hiking with a friend and he felt two hundred feet off a cliff in Utah. This is a crazy story. Story and Daniels episode is next week so look forward to that again. I hope you guys are having a great day. Thank you for spending some time with me. I'll see you next week. You've reached the end of another great episode of the Addiction Unlimited podcast candid and honest conversation about addiction and recovery be sure to visit us at addiction unlimited dot com to join the conversation and access show notes and links do everything we talked about love..

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