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F. M. Pollock pines from ABC news hi Michelle Franzen social distancing measures starting to work in the hardest hit areas of the country but not quickly enough deaths now topping thirty five hundred in New Jersey and governor Phil Murphy also says his state will investigate the seventeen bodies found inside a nursing home facility to find out what happened to Jersey is living in our long term care facilities deserve to be cared for with respect compassion and dignity we can and must do better deaths across the country in nursing homes are becoming a new focus for state leaders in New York governor Andrew Cuomo says in the past twenty four hours cases continue to plateau but more than six hundred people died Wednesday alone still too high Cuomo says he's extending the stay at home measures in the state until may fifteenth and says the state has to come up with a plan though that keeps cases down and re opens the economy is no light switch it's not all businesses go back tomorrow it's what businesses what do they do what risks do they pose and what changes can they make in their businesses to make them more safe another round of jobless claims last week five and a half million Americans filing for unemployment benefits that surge affecting nearly every sector especially retail ABC's chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis has more on furlough more than twenty million Americans have likely lost their jobs in just one month with many of the latest losses in retail where sales of clothing and clothing accessories plunged more than fifty percent in March we had next to no sales hadn't had any for weeks Lisa lu expect the last thirteen years working as a sales associate at Macy's in Seattle her job along with thousands of others was furlough last month ABC's Rebecca Jarvis you're listening to ABC news and.

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