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In American history from 2001 to 2021, signature theater explorer is a consequences in a thrilling play called selling Kabul. I don't know that I've ever read a play that reads so much like a suspense thriller. You're on the edge of your seat the whole time. Alice does a reef plays the sister of an Afghan translator hiding from the Taliban in Kabul, Afghanistan, waiting for a Visa to come to America in 2013. It's set in 2013, but it's incredibly apropos. This could be set now. There's still so many people who are eligible for the SIV Visa, but there's like an 18,000 person backlog. The role is special for his reef in Afghan native born in Kabul. I was so excited to see that this place being done and the DMV area because this is actually the second highest Afghan Diaspora in the country. Jason finally W two B news. A local hockey player who turned HBO star got to meet his idol last week. Alex Ovechkin. In addition to getting ice time at the Arlington practice facility ten year old kevon woodard, a prince George's county, who is death, even got to teach the great 8, some sign language. What it is known for his role in the HBO drama the last of us, additionally, he's also a hockey player. He plays for the buoy bruins. See some pictures about his visit at WTO P dot com. Chad GPT sometimes makes mistakes or even gives some ludicrous and even disturbing responses, but it has some good advice when it comes to online privacy. Here's Larry maggot. I'm Larry maggot with the connect safely report. I always write my own scripts for the connect safely report and I plan to do so going forward, but this time I decided to get a little help from chat GTP. The sometimes accurate and sometimes not artificial intelligence bot that attempts to

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