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8 of those weeks will be classroom training with nationally certified instructors, which is new. And my gaffin says trainees who don't meet weekly benchmarks will be held accountable. We're going to make tough decisions here. And we're going to do it in the best interest of public safety. Nick ain't Ellie, WTO P news. A new federal lawsuit against D.C. police, a group of protesters is accusing the force of violating their First Amendment rights during the 2020 protests in the aftermath of George Floyd's death. The suit was filed today in D.C.'s district court by the partnership for civil justice fund on behalf of three protesters. The complaint says police must stop the indiscriminate use of projectile weapons into crowds of protesters. Two plaintiffs say police used a weapon that exploded shrapnel into their legs during demonstrations, causing puncture wounds. They're asking for compensation for medical bills and putative damages against D.C. police. Well, now to the rise in hate speech in Montgomery county schools since last Friday, the school system says several more instances of anti semitic messages have been found inside four schools. And this news has the superintendent promising action. We've had non incidents. Anti semitic incidents happen in our schools, sets Friday. And superintendent doctor monifa mcknight says the incidents, including drawings, were found at four schools. She's calling the actions unacceptable and says in response, some new steps are being taken, including kids responsible, seeing the axe added to their personal file in a form that has their name and grade level. I think these things are important when you look at the profile of an entire student over time for them currently in their future. And it will identify what the act was. Also for the parents of the students who get in trouble. We are going to be requesting that our parents come in and be a part of the resolution for that child in the school. Mike Morello, WTO news. And crimes are on the rise outside the school system two, one local lawmaker wants to start an anti hate task force in response. County council president Evan glass says the spike in racial ethnic and LGBTQ hate crime is disturbing and frightening. He says the latest numbers from 2021 show more than a 140 bias incidents, more than half were race related, dozens of them targeted religion, especially Jewish people. Glasses sent a letter about creating the task force to county executive Mark heldrich. Coming up here after traffic and whether the new January 6th special counsel burrows deep inside the Trump inner circle, we'll talk to Leanne Caldwell of The Washington Post. Stay close to WTO at 7 O 7. Do you have

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