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I'd say a little definitely both. Tampa, Bay outshot them a lot in last night's game I. mean they last time I checked when I looked at the the the shots they had like you know by the third period, they had at least twenty more shots on net. So I mean you're not GonNa win if the other team is out shooting you by such a wide margin so I feel like a lot of it had. To do with Tampa Bay, just being the better team I mean, the islanders went really far all things considered a trucks dot the most out of his players and he seems to do it by being a a a likable coach I mean, I think back to like when I watched the Blackhawks in the nineties we had Mike Keenan and then even when he came and went on to to play for. The Rangers or to play for the Rangers coach, the Rangers and a lot of players said, you know Keenan wasn't uneasy coach to like but he was able to get the most out of his players. He squeezed you like a tube of toothpaste to get every last bit out of you and you know trots is not that kind of a coach yet he can still get high performance from. His players which you know that's that's why he makes the big bucks and that's why I think Washington is probably rethinking not giving him the contract that he wanted, which by the way they were in agreement about the money just not about the length of the contract, which again I find perplexing a Stanley Cup with this coach, you want to try to keep everything the same and the capitals do that. No Louis C. Stupidity like that in almost every league in every sport some years when I look at Tampa Bay and I mean there are some teams that you could say they really only have one line like you can look at Colorado but. You Know Brayden point doesn't play for two games and one game he played and he was banged up so Anthony Sallee stepped in I thought he did well but. You look at what Kucherov did what but Paula did, and then you mentioned headman on the Blue Line which is really almost an extension of that first line that that depth really showed through and especially at this point in the season when everybody's just dragging. Yeah I. Mean It's Torelli. Got The the game winner in overtime last night which. It was a good goal. I was a little disappointed in that goal. It was kind of anti climactic. It wasn't a breakaway. It wasn't a a five on three or a power play. It was just I mean it was a nice pass and just you know he chipped it on net and you know it it the goalie pads and kind of hit the pad, hit the post and just kinda trickled in or maybe hit the Post and then the pad and so it wasn't like. Wasn't I don't know it wasn't the kind of overtime goal I think we were expecting but I mean, that's the thing like if a team's GonNa Win Championship they, they gotta get those pretty goals and they gotta get those ugly goals and they gotta be able to score on the power play and they gotta be penalty kill and Tampa Bay's proven that they can do all of that and so not to get ahead of myself but I mean I think they. GonNa win but I think it's going to be a close series. I mean I think it's going to be probably six or seven games. So maybe if you didn't ask for prediction but I'll just give it 'cause predictions are fun site Tampa Bay seven because I don't think the stars are going to go down easy. Yeah. I would probably think round that star I was GONNA say Tampa Bay and. Six and it's weird because I. Don't like Dallas Arrival of the sharks but I love Joe Pavilion Ski but I Hate Corey Perry. So I don't know what I'm GonNa? Do I'm kind of pulling for Dallas but all my friends think I'm insane. One more hockey question for you. The you mentioned the capitals, how they screwed things up. Well, the guy that they brought in to replace trucks of course was. Rewritten and Todd Brereton who is been. Fired now they've hired Peter Lavi lead and we remember he got to the finals when they won the West few years ago. But this is a guy it's been NHL head coach almost twenty years. As a fan do you think that's what they need they need a proven guy like Laviola they can come in get the respect of the players, get the XS and Os right or do you think oh my gosh another job for Laviola another retread aren't any good young coaches coming up which way do you swing their with Latvia? Let I definitely see him as a great coach that was available i. don't see him as a retread I mean every time todd McLellan gets hired I, throw them on my arms up and I say why you know but but with Peter Lafayette let I don't. Personally I don't feel like he's he's outlived his his house he shelf-life but shelf-life yet I like Latvia I've always liked him as a coach I. Actually you know secretly wanted him to become the coach to the blackhawks when he was on the market because the blackhawks have a young coach right now Jeremy Politics and he's doing okay. But I would really. Would've loved Levy let's have been the blackhawks coach but you know that wasn't GonNa Happen so I think it's a good move by the capitals. I'm excited about that. I mean the whole weird thing was they were just trying to keep everything in place keep their keep the whole system in place and keep what they had in place just put in one of. His assistance to try to keep. Doing what they were doing and that didn't really work out. So now you're gonNA bring in a new coach with new ideas and new ways of doing things, but I think they. Really did well in getting him to coach the capitals. Are The way I'd love to start a babcock to San Jose rumor. I'm not a big Bob. No Fan. Oh. Why would you do that? because. They're hopeless with this buner guide rather Mr Shaw's and have a fiery guy and put a little life into the team. You know I don't know how many years he had left on his contract, but he can. He's getting paid to not coach right now and I think that's the best for everyone right? Okay. He's still play which I liked. Coach Mac because he took the sharks to the playoffs every year I wish I wish they hadn't fire McClellan I really wish they hadn't fired the bore I. Wish they wouldn't fired Ron Wilson. It always seems like when the sharks fire their coach. SUITOR as well. it's always a guy that I liked Constantine Kingston. I think every time the sharks have fired a.

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