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I think if you look out of a few years and we start to see terrific growth in the android listening learning side and we start to really fully expand the audience even on the iowa side <hes> which there's still plenty of growing doing room for that. I think it is going to be more possible for more people in this podcast medium to make <hes> make a real living on this. There's medium and to become professional podcasters. They don't all have to be rolled up into some connection with them. Big major corporation or something. I like that i just think all boats are going to rise and the other thing that that may happen and i've been thinking about this for many years the concept of local local podcasting. I think we've been held back from that as as something that was a potential because of the scale that we just had reached appropriate scale to basically unable really effectively large audiences in local markets but we might see that happen. I'm and i'm hopeful that we will see audio podcasting. Be something large in like in cities like see how you know it's been bubbling bubbling for a long time but i think as the scale of this medium grows i we're probably never gonna get past. Probably seventy five to eighty percent percent of the global population lifted listening to podcasts. I mean obviously if you look globally is probably significantly less than that but here in the US or any you know the more modern countries so but that's still we have thirty percent to go as far as on our overall growth in population which ages a basically doubling the size of the current audience right now if you go ahead and we have better potential hustle to get into a lot of the cellular limited internet access communities so as you start to work at look out into the third world into to a remote locations in the first world where there just aren't high speed pipes a farmer still can't get HBO. Go go easily right. We're they're audio files. Are that much smaller. If you have to pay by the megabyte it's one thing to pay for fifteen megabyte audio file something completely different to pay for the couple hundred megabytes short youtube video. We can be there air in remote places. The video still can't get well. I look at where i'm sleeping. There's no broadband there. Everything there is a wireless and <hes> and i'm i'm literally twelve hundred. Well not twelve miles from town where i'm streaming this from and it's twelve miles away. I can't get wired internet so you know we. We haven't finished wearing america yet. Let alone you think about in. I have some broad band there because there's a wireless provider. That has a service but it's it's not fast but if we think we're still struggling in rural america here just think about third world even worse axion some countries. It's actually better because telecom is all they're ever gonna have so they've invested more in telecom but i think that <hes> you know google definitely. I'm very very excited right about the potential there but they're doing and how they could bring this groundswell of of people that are seeking specific topical content. Maybe not a show but maybe an episode and <hes> definitely know that there's huge you know you you know i was pretty blown away. I hadn't been to a dragon con conned before and we'd we haven't talked about this but i'm thinking you've got folks there that sure some of their naidu qasr play for fun but there are some that take this to a whole 'nother level i mean they get deep into the genre the characters the enemy and they they know this stuff they probably watch episodes twenty times to figure out every new watts and then they developed side stories and i'm like office. People should be podcasters well. It's a very similar kind of mental. Positioning i mean that is a a large group of people that are all all about having interest in building community and that's what was very attractive to me about getting involved dragon con last year was i just saw so much..

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