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And I think because of the subject material which we didn't know at the time. Time was because the material people were like even more interested in in seeing it in. So we did three performances and then we were like voted. I, we didn't even know there was like a a thing at the end where they the Sundance or invert this illegal, here's the awards 'cause it was. We didn't know how could you possibly see everything. So we won best production at that fast production is there's just the two of you. Correct? Just to it's too. There's like a sofa it actually, it's it's very much like a sitcom set. It's just a present to so fi and then Justa living room. I think we kind of subconsciously just felt like, okay, yeah, this should just look like a a sitcom, but it was very easy to move that play around and we just needed the two of us in. We couldn't have paid any other actors to do, which is why I acted in it. And that was very lucky because if I hadn't done that, I wouldn't. I don't think been a performer on the office. So, yeah, no, at this point, are you Mitch. Indicating or using your longer name, like, where were you out in your? I think because I was so even though I didn't have an agent or anything, I had done stand up before that. And I remember this so distinctly that I had spent weeks and weeks trying to get in this one stand up show that was at this little hotel in the east twenties, and we sommes had like this. I worked so hard. You like Titanic. And you had to ask a friend who already performed in it a moose, barely a friend. They could ask someone to do it, and this wasn't the time when anyone was like, yeah, let's try to make room for people who look different is like a, it's fine if it's all white man and one guy's girlfriend. That's fine. We can do a whole night and I finally did it and I remember the MC butchered my last name when he was introducing me in like, made a joke about it and I don't show cowling him. And so he was so he, I don't even think he meant to only a racist guy, but because he. I it up. He did like a little Indian accent to cover for it. And then when I was, I was so shaken because I didn't know how I wasn't like good at standups. I didn't know how to like roll with it and deal with like a white stand up comedian who doesn't know how to pronounce it long Indian name that it just I think the set went terribly. I invited all my friends to come see it and I remember in the subway going home, one of my best friends is have Asian and I was sitting there and I have to not have that feeling anymore where people feel not even people who are racist. They feel uneasy about saying my name because they don't know how to pronounce it. Like I was like, you know what? I know I Bob Dylan did it. I know I would. He did it like if they did it and their names are even more like easy pronounced like Jewish names, like I gotta just do this and it was. It was weird because I was like, I wonder my parents are going to think if I suggest this and it was interesting because my mama taking my dad's name that she was a doctor and she's like, you know what? We totally get this. Violet back at my career, it. Might have been easier. And I asked my dad because it's his last name and he's like, oh my God do it. So there were only real obstacles. I was thinking of, like, okay, we'll Howard gonna make them feel, but I was so happy. I did it archers. Mosman too. So. German is m ESE pronounced Mayes e, but no one ever could pronounce the name. So this hesitation ago is me's answer the first ten seconds of meeting. Anybody was just cracked how name it's just a terrible way to start any new conversation. And so between graduating from school in Iowa and moving Los Angeles, I took my dad middle name August. That's my last name and it's. By some cheese, so it's just making life easier thing, isn't it? So interesting..

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