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The all new two thousand eighteen gmc terrain is the compact suv thoughtfully designed with you in mind with features like the traction select system to revolutionize how you adapt to the road a full flat front passenger's seat to give you up to eight feet of cargo space and an innovative electronic precision shift system to make shifting easier than ever the two thousand eighteen gmc terrain is truly mighty like a pro gmc we are professional elliot before we get to news it's a couple of days old now that's a poll finn situation as the new general manager in the minnesota wild organization as we record this david quinn has just been named the new head coach of new york rangers which one you want to talk about i do quin okay this was a guy the rangers really wanted after the lost i would on jim montgomery like jim montgomery had to make a choice between dallas and the rangers and i think dallas was like nope we're getting this done i where a boarding our surge we're cutting short we're hiring jim montgomery and so he went there and then i really do believe that david quinn was the guy the rangers wanted and i think they just kept on sweetening it and sweetening it until he couldn't say no it's the offer he couldn't refuse godfather style is are you surprised that the rangers i mean this is heritage team stablishment team this is the new york rangers you know huge market go after who's now going to be a first time nhl coach no i think this was their plan i think this is something they really wanted to do i think like there were a lumber of names i heard you know dan byles mma maybe wait for berry trots bob hartley was in latvia or something like that and the one thing i heard from the rangers all the way through is that nope they're going to go new and you know as the rangers organization is a lot of boston connections and i think they really believe that he was one of the possibilities for it anything we can read into this by way of how they will act in free agency nikkei shin this you.

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