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To Brazil and across North Africa. No, my God, my and sniff, it was pretty amazing way think it's amazing that he's still fine, but he doesn't he says. Life is about doing what you love and taking risks. Just don't sit back and just say my God. It's too dangerous. It's not taking a chance on a cold look at the lawyer is urging everyone to donate to charity said Help veterans. There You go, studly guy. 100 years old Still flying now that Z crazy that's really cool. Right. We also have I the Santa Cruz Beach boardwalk. Is closed, right? And just because of my guess, do have Cove it So I mean, that's really popular area for for tourists. The first California amusement park to reopen under covert safety guidelines is closing again after just one weekend, Santa Kado might imagine that Let you open. You hire everybody back. You get the food. You get the tickets. You get the advertising out there. We're all going to go back to work. We're gonna have a great time. Kids love it. Well, maybe we'll go in a couple weeks and they're open for a weekend and they get shut down again after just one weekend, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk has to shut down because the county moved back to the red tear from the less restrictive orange tear. Park officials say they're disappointed but not surprised. They say the health of their employees and their guests is top priority. Yeah, I know I get that But still you got to be really snaked it or pissed. Right there told open and you told the shutdown again two days later. Get out of here. All right. There was a pursuit today. If you start but it was pretty wild. One couple of crashes in this pursuit. Armed suspect led police on a dangerous chase on the freeway in city streets this afternoon, At one point he blew through a red light and T bone. Oh, it's sedan.

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