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Don't tell them. You're kidding. I'm not I'm not I I can't help, but Mike my colors are my colors. So anyway, speaking of colors, purple and this team last night. And I love the story about your about. Ready to doze off thinking it's going to be lost. And then all of a sudden, you were woken alive voice of Jack. Jack Corrigan's call of DJ LeMay Hughes. Two run Homer to win. It. The walk off shot woke me up. It really did in the Rockies stunned the D-Backs on that big blasts on one pitch Dr. Going back. Touchable. Time. Jay. Join his job. Another walk off win for the Rockies Rockies five. Arizona four LeMay, you told Jerry chamo- it was something to win it like that. Pretty amazing gaffer's logoff. Are you looking for just hit the ball heart somewhere? He's really good to the play. Started there from John? Is gone when he hit it. Out hit enough to know for sure. Great great winter you. In this series tomorrow. Rockies lead the d backs.

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