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He and other Republicans said that altering the constitution would be a lengthy process, and that it would be up to congress, not the president the legal consensus among every serious scholar on the right and the left including Kellyanne Conway's husband is that it would take a constitutional amendment to end birthright citizenship, Ryan reminded Republicans. They didn't like it when Barack Obama changed immigration policy by executive Fiat, and it shouldn't be any different. When Trump tries to Trump's hap-. Hazard proposal, which outlined during an interview with axios, isn't that unusual? The president often tells aides to craft executive orders even when he's told that his thirty to do. So as legally dubious while the proposal has gotten vociferous support from Trump's top immigration adviser. Stephen Miller, many White House officials, including press secretary Sarah Sanders were startled by it. Trump told axios to the White House counsel's office it even signed off on the language for the executive order. That was news to them. Number two. Trump's visit to grief-stricken Pittsburgh was met with protests and the family of one of the victims in the synagogue attack declined to meet with him the trip was hastily planned and was executed with no advanced public ternary and without local politicians the city's mayor publicly called on Trump not to come and breaking with protocol. The White House did not invite the democratic congressman who represents the district where the shooting occurred as the president touchdown in south western Pennsylvania, almost two thousand demonstrators assembled not far from where some of the shootings victims had been buried earlier in the day. Trump didn't speak publicly during the brief trip. Instead, he quietly paid tribute at tree of life synagogue by Ling flowers for the eleven victims and visiting a hospital to see officers who were wounded in Saturday's shooting number three Republicans continue to use Justice brick Kavanagh's contentious confirmation process as a rallying cry to gin up the right Trump is praised cavenaugh at vents for GOP candidates in every state that he's visited other Republicans like Senator Lindsey Graham. From South Carolina are focusing on Cavanaugh almost exclusively as they travel the country stumping for Senate candidates, but some Republican operatives say that anger over Kavanagh's confirmation process has begun to dissipate at the grassroots level. According to focus groups polls and other indications that they're monitoring closely. They fear that conservative turnout in excitement might be depressed after last week's hate crime as well as the mailbox scare Trump's approval rating has fallen a couple points potentially jeopardizing a few key Senate races that has allies had thought were in the bag. There are certain races were the metoo movement is also becoming especially potent in the closing days. The for example, even though it's not one of the top Senate races in the country. The metoo movement is dominating the Minnesota Senate contest between democrat Tina Smith who was appointed to replace Al Franken when he resigned and her Republican challenger Karin Housley, the fight isn't just a result of Franken. Stepping down decision that many Democrats in Minnesota still disagree with its. Also because the state attorney general's race has been up ended by an abuse allegation leveled by an ex girlfriend of democratic nominee and congressman Keith Ellison. And it's because Housley has criticized the treatment of cavenaugh by Democrats. She's made it a central part of her campaign. She's attacking Democrats, and it said publicly that she believes cavenaugh over the women who came forward to accuse him including Christine blazey Ford yet. Ironically at the very same time. She's running ads attacking Smith for not breaking with Keith Ellison. It's created a weird dynamic in my home state where both candidates are accusing the other of being women who don't sufficiently support other women neither candidate wants to be dragged down by the alleged misdeeds of men in their own party. Smith is still heavily favoured to prevail. And that's the daily to two for Wednesday, October thirty first thanks for listening. I'm James Hillman. I'll talk to you tomorrow, which is November.

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