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Still dealing with some traffic backups, Mike Yeah, it's still pretty busy to the south. Here, Ben. Take for instance, the expressway South bound. We're still seeing delays out of the city. Now you clear up down past self bay, your back in it by Furnace Brook Parkway. It's only about 16. Maybe 17 minutes from the tunnel to the split. The north on expressway is fine for those coming in. No worries coming in on the expressway three South. Jammed up well over a mile through nor, well, there had been a crash down after route 53 95 South backs up shortly after mechanic Street down past 4 95. 1 28 South bounds Good coming down through Needham into dead him. But 93 is backed up both ways exiting for route. 24 stays like that on 24 south for a bit to the north. Let's see on for 90. Five's doing Not too well. I think Let's check in with your mom free insurance Road report. No, No, it's not. We've gotta crash here on 45 south out of the Chelmsford stretches after the chalice for a rest area. Got everything at a stand still all the way back toward route for you. If you know your way around some of the back roads in this area, you may well be ableto jump off route for its sneak around this crystal back in the fray Insurance throat report. Elsewhere to the north. Things really aren't so bad Roots three and 93 north or both. Pretty good up towards for 95 Rue one's wide open, thea Per and everyone 20 was pretty good all day. It still is. And then the Mass Turnpike, a 22 minute drive from the proton allowed to route 30. That's pretty good. My king W B. C's traffic on the three checking the four day actuate The forecast. Here's Karl whether what weather will remain with us through this evening with occasional rain, but that'll begin to taper off later on tonight, but still brisk and chili through the night.

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