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Giving you news new trade she felt Hogan says if the E. U. in the US don't work together damage to the world economy will be significant he spoke exclusively to Bloomberg about where the relationship stands and his visit to the U. S. what is the objective of the visitors to try and reset the relationship try to understand each other in relation to a number of traders and some of them at the moment and find common ground with the United States or nation of any issues we started a positive note and choose to her the United States the European Union and Japan signed up to a statement to say that we wish to have an issue around industry subsidies and force technology transfer and didn't put as as on the basis of a level playing field for the global economy and all of the players in the future and to the WTO process and to reforming the WTO so this was a positive agenda thank you to have another bilateral meeting today with the US trade representative Robert like Heiser and curious did you receive any assurances that there will not be new tariffs slapped on the issue no we didn't get any officials of with the expected the assurances from a bustling has of rumors of somebody I respect very much and of course he has a very big trade we can terms of the statement read the European Union and Japan the the big data that was done between the United States and China yesterday and of course the passing of USMC it today and the Senate so is a very big week for him and of course we are going to continue in touch because we expect to endeavors together next week to continue our discussions in terms of this big week the threat of twenty five percent tariff sunny you'll has has been out there for a while did you get any sense that that is still alive right you said it fairly came off where did it come up well it didn't come up too often in terms of questions I was asked about his by the administration of icon was our our inner circle in any of those the the the visits of us making to business owners Asians with course that doesn't mean it's made up of the future book we have difficult is at the moment in relation to tides arising from Airbus and Boeing and the course discussions around the digital tax agenda was very important for the United States point of view and we're trying to work out some solutions if we can in the coming days the card Harris for one more moment to Washington Post had a story out there that in the days before the U. talks and warranty Ron about deviating from the J. C. P. away that the trump administration and basically said you need to do this or we will stop the twenty five percent are didn't happen to get help I think that's a that's something that certainly willing to raise with me during the course of many meetings I had with the administration now how concerned are you that because as you say the president has had to what's been considered when news on trade just in the last week alone that perhaps the US administration has a little more leverage now phase one has gotten done and also the US MCA this afternoon yeah well we respect the fact that there has been a good movement entrees and relation to the United States on the internet they'll many partners around the world in recent times and of course what we want to do now is build on some aspects of the deal but the US system in China can we move on a common area an alignment and cooperation for to deal with some of the issues that we share in relation to one for trading practices and hopefully that we can identify common ground in relation to a number of these issues and stuff we can build our own relationship arising from the July twenty eighteen agenda which was agreed between present young current president trump to advance in those areas of common conformity assessment rate of two corporations standards for example.

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