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What are the eight levels of comedy. I don't know but we'll talk about some of them on this episode of the mind dog. Tv podcast And welcome my friends yet. Another episode of the mind dog. Tv podcast. i'm matt napa. Thanks for coming. It's great to have you here as always unexpected sunday afternoon show Reason being my guest today is in a faraway land with time zones. Don't quite match up. And we wanted to make it as comfortable for him to be on the program without screwing up Sleeping elect kind of stuff so The president heavy here today. I hope it's a beautiful day wherever you are. It's a beautiful autumn day actually not quite autumn west as of summer but it feels like an autumn day here on long island new york where i last night. I was out with the ban Playing a summer. Wrap up gig and outdoors theater On on the south bay Place we open the summer at memorial day weekend and had lots of shows there this summer and then last night was a surprise because they weren't expected to be open that long and it was a drink to bar dry night and A surprise gig and very hot new mid to the point where my hands were slipping off the guitar neck from sweat. It was really hot. And i got for some reason. Got home and beat up. Like i just played a football match or fifteen rounds with the heavyweight champion of the world. Beat up like hell still feeling it a little bit today. Don't wait is maybe. It's just because of it was a Impromptu gigs that we weren't expecting. But i haven't felt this beat up in a long long time in at feel walking like a walking dead today like a zombie Obviously it's it's probably showing right now if you're tuning in Appreciate your patience with me anyway. My guess today's call man call. It is a podcast from across the pond. The in wales. I believe he's in the same town as Our friend jimmy dykes cardiff..

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