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Meghan wow i don't let monarchy on to tell the people use you follow megan's enter printing listen if shawny would also kill monarchy begging her prints congratulations meghan her prince because she is going to be at the location where meghan is having her first tomorrow instagram account he lives half an hour away she's very excited because she's going there tomorrow she may not have good signal so she won't be able to post while she's there but she promises that if she gets a good hold on john graham accounts shawny say job she's she just passed her her most recent big zams goals or all she's she's like she's now going on to the next level of school high school or college so in england you take an exam when you're fifteen sixteen sixteen yes she's sixteen year old yes postseason doing the best coverage the royal wedding and i'm really happy for her and i hope i really hope she has a really good accounts she's awesome because she does a lot of like she says the thing that a lot of these fan accounts won't where she just like you guys are racist like she will like straight up like you guys who criticize mcginn for every little thing she does your racist eurasia's erases i want i want us to be on the soundboard your race all right we'll for another two years anyway just gonna follow her you got to do she's a great account chris stories are amazing he puts in the work also i like it is she does report does which is not going to a place where they're going yeah exactly join graham that the swedish prince carl the hot one oh he has a week's chin but when he has a beard it's fine i'm his instagram what does he the princess swedish vena sweden of course prince carl's carl i don't know charlie bobby wondering wife and kids but who knows okay attracted oprah the other day was like here's what happened doria ragland megan markle's mom went to oprah's house and she left overs house and all the tabloids reported that she was like laid in with gifts because oprah's trying to favor ribe her into doing a big sense of interview and that like the mirror had a store and it's all the base of these stories is pretty much racist which is like this woman is opportunistic and she's going to do a big interview and buckingham palace man none of those things came to pass so oprah did an interview resort is gina call kp guess well there's mucking and then there's kensington course so can is chill so does this interview and she's like look everybody was like she was laden with gifts let me tell you what she was he with gifts such like like if i leave oprah's house and there's not a second car come up in talk about until the end of time can you believe i went to oprah's house and she only gave me three things happened is doria brought her own yoga mat and sneakers because she's a yoga head is there she's a yogi ni she's a yogi now there's so many just made that word up can you go you'll guinea thing i mean it sounds like it's probiotic says her yoga head over was like bring your genius the feminine sanskrit word of the masks girl so smart she didn't even know what you get if you read i read books you'll guinea so obligingly oprah and doria did some yoga they had lunch they had a dessert that was made with come quotes from from yoga's from your history stream oprah's trees and then doria goes i love come quotes who's reporting this shawny hilton oprah's real i love come quotes in over like take some quantum and then we'll bre for the whole tree.

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