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Let's airbrush the whip out of the cheltenham poster. That there are none. In terms of a lot of things to tell into their in terms of Rishi sunak, it was great to see him at the staff and stable staff award stable staff and still towards words just completely failing me today. Great to see him there and offering his support to racing, but horse racing needs to be engaged with labor because inevitably there is going to be an election that government is going to fall and according to the polls, the conservatives are going to get wiped out. So what's labor's view on racing? This is an anti racing view is he's in support of it. Does he understand how important the sport is? Do labor as a party understand it in Ireland, we are facing an election sometime soon. This government simply can not hold in the way that it is being run right now and it's faced a number of scandals recently, which have rocked it and there have been no confidence motions. So at some point this government is going to fall in the not too distant future and the polling would suggest that Sinn Fein are going to walk it. And that Mary Lou McDonald will be the next T shock of the Republic of Ireland. Now, I don't have any problem with that, but I'm very concerned as a racing fan because Sinn Fein has made it pretty clear that they do not like the amount of support that horse racing gets from the Irish state. Even aside from the fact that for every Euro that is put in by the Irish government to horse racing, they're guessing €30 back. So it's a massive incentive for them to be able to support horse racing in the Republic of Ireland. And it's not like they're just subsidizing the sport for free. They're generating massive profits from it. There's a huge incentive there to support the sport. And Ireland, I'm obviously biased. Clearly, the world leaders in horse racing 8 Brian William Mullins Gordon Elliot Henry bromhead. Joseph and dunk O'Brien, Jessica Harrington. Look at the bloodstock farms that we have. Cool more colored up dollars at the late great Colorado dollar with the shadwell. You've got godolphin have a farm here. I can has a farm here. Irish national stud. We are we are really punching massively above our ways. Irish bread horses are in huge demand, Irish racing is very popular. And unlike in the United Kingdom, field sizes aren't really a problem here, but we don't race every single day. And fundamentally, I think that one of the major problems with the sport is there's just too much racing. And it appears as though they're going to tackle that and I'll circle back around to that in a second. You talked about syndicates. And why was there not a promotion of that at tracks? They'll probably argue that they don't want to be seen to be pushing one syndicate or another, but they could sell the concept of it. Like the idea that I have been in the parade ring with the David by bracing club and involved in the ownership of a horse trained by Gordon Elliott, getting to talk to Jamie card about the chances of her horse beforehand, getting to talk to Lisa O'Neill about how our horse is going to get on. Rachel blackmore riding a horse for his. That's hugely exciting. Whenever the David park racing club have a horse running, I'm very excited to see how that horse is going to get on. Noel feely's racing syndicate is hugely successful. Sam Hoskins runs two syndicates that are hugely successful. They're accessible. They're cheap to be part of in the scheme of things. And you will get access to this sport that you simply will not get just as a regular fan. And it's not going to cost you an arm and a leg, you don't have to be spending half a €1 million to get a race horse, but you could be in the parade ring with people who are like JPMorgan like Richard G and you might beat them. So that is a terrific incentive to be able to get more people involved and certainly race courses and the BHA should be pushing that great British racing. They should be pushing the idea of syndication and being involved in syndicates far greater. The BHA could also just look at what are the good things about the sport. Nikola daily podcast. The final four on podcast. William hill are producing excellent content for racing. Kevin's doing his show with Bedford. That's hugely popular and obviously he's creating good content. All of these shows are effectively independent media that are available for free for the listener and their only fools only folds the horses that Harry beard and the boys. All doing shows that are expressing our passion for the sport, how much we love the sport and we're

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