A new story from The Bible...but Funnier


Is up calling all christian creatives if you want to improve your craft along with a community that is knowledgeable and helpful and just wants you to succeed as well. And look no. Further than that. Creatively christian club. The creatively christian club is the membership component of our sister. Podcast creatively christian in the club. You can access our knowledge base of a bunch of helpful tips and advice join masterminds and networking groups to get better at your craft and get connected to the right people. The membership is especially helpful for christian storytellers. Whether you're a filmmaker or writer or anything else similar to that we want to help you take your craft the next level. I'll be mindful of how jesus influences the art that you create and the stories that you tell. So if you're interested at all in the creatively christian club you can head over to club dot theophanous media dot com the bible but funnier is a production of the often media. You can find the offering media at the off media dot com and on facebook twitter and instagram. All at the off. Anemia as always this show is written and hosted by jake dobermans. The music is by kenny dope. Rinse the voice at the beginning and end is by seth parker. Thanks for listening to the bible but funnier. join us again next monday for another crazy ride through scripture..

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