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That's true man dr could you please explain i cannot get my hands around this their point energy it could you please explain that okay well nikola tesla the genius who was a rival to thomas edison nikola tesla for example created ac current that we all use in our wall socket he had a series of speculations one of which was zero point energy that is the energy of nothing he thought that perhaps you can extract energy from the vacuum which would of course solve the energy crisis now in quantum mechanics which is something i teach to phd students we do calculate the vacuum energy of the vacuum even nothingness has some amount of energy associated to it by the heisenberg uncertainty principle but you can calculate it it's called the casimir effect it is very small and so in this sense nikola tesla was wrong that there is such a thing vacuum energy in fact in einstein's equation we even called the cosmological constant the problem is is extremely small except when you go to cosmological distances and then it becomes negative energy negative energy is the energy of the big bang is the energy that drives the galaxies apart what is this energy zero point energy we thing and so here's the irony the irony is zero point energy in your living room is so.

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