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Sterling North found after Howard Road We were staying to the right to get by. They were towing one out of a ditch. From the early morning that crash in the five o'clock our married Pompa w T o p Traffic storm team four is Lauren Records were starting to get some sunshine. Now this morning, yes, and will continue to see some mid days. Sunshine will go partly sunny as we continue through the middle part of this Sunday and temperatures are responding. We're going to top out in the low to mid eighties for daytime highs today. Now, most of the morning. Well, I will say the morning is going to be dry. And then after about 23 o'clock, you're going to start to see some storms form just west of I 81 you'll start to see The move into the I 81 corridor in the Shenandoah Valley between three and five and then after five o'clock will jump over into the eastern side of the Blue Ridge Mountains and scoot ease from there. So expect some storms, uh and chances to increase as we go through the evening from the west to the East. Best chance of severe weather is going to be north and west along that I 81 corridor and that's where we could see some damaging winds. Some hail, and if these are really slow movers, we could also see some flooding. Milky Chance of rain overnight and then by tomorrow morning, most showers concentrated along I 90 Five and points east. So a few rain showers possible. Especially the further East. You go for your Monday morning commute will keep lingering showers east of D. C in Southeast D C tomorrow Throughout the day, everybody else goes partly sunny before our next round of rain moves in after about eight p.m. tomorrow night damages tomorrow we'll be back in the mid eighties still low humidity. And then we'll have some rain late Monday night into early Tuesday with improving conditions on Tuesday Tuesday Lot cooler temperatures in the low eighties and again we'll have some sunshine by Tuesday afternoon Sunshine Wednesday and Thursday Temperatures upper seventies 70 right now in Washington, Manassas at 68, Baltimore and 70 Annapolis 69 brought to you by new look home design right now save 50% on all roofing materials. It's a 21, Virginia's race for governor is now set and the candidates are going after each other. They joined us on W T O P this past week and extreme right winger is how former governor Terry McAuliffe, the Democrat in the race, described his Republican opponent, Glen Duncan, during an interview with.

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