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All right some more stuff guy would just got a report coming in yesterday another more problems for florida state i mean if you're if you're willie willie taggart coming in for jimbo fisher i mean that was the big deal last year gender francois was hurt early in the season and kind of debris the seminal season last year and now you had jimbo fisher jumps ship out to the season's over going over say them and now we have another story now with involving france while before even snap comes this fall i'm we have dented francois getting marijuana charges i mean in florida definitely not a state who has his figure is not not there quite yet on the par with the colorado's in the california's when it comes to legals asian but you know soi is currently rehabbing from his knee injury but then he's also facing misdemeanor marijuana charge the tallahassee democrat reported yesterday so it's starting he's facing charges possession that is fewer fewer than two not quite misdemeanor charge so i mean but he is going to be having to show up in court in a statement to the newspaper that tallahassee democrat way tiger says the university's aware of the situation and has been handling handling it internally i mean that's pretty much the brass tacks what you'll usually get from those coaches when they have to get a have to get a guy dealing with the deal with the guy who has been charged with something like this i mean he told he tore his battelle tendon in his knee and the opener last season against alabama did not play the rest of the year so it's a lot of sitting around if you're francois and to derail the team did relatives in pretty much as they did have them.

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