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It is time for the ballot show. Something you wait for every time. We have an election and if also on Facebook live on camp chase Facebook periods. She'd grab it there as well. Michael dramatic junior is joining me as always. How are you, sir? I'm good. I think this is like twenty five years or something crazy. Really? I mean, we can't be that old have a cake or something. Celebrate this one well midterms in a general way. How are we going to do? The fact that the talk of a Blue Wave is all but dissipated and that control of the house of representatives kind of being representatives. A coin flip now is in itself sort of historic because only four times in the last hundred years as the opposition party failed to flip the house in the first midterm. So I don't know how we're going to do. It's I think we're going to be it's going to be interesting night. I think you know, conventional wisdom is the US Senate looks pretty good for a hold. And I think that's important because we gotta get that judiciary filled out and get those nominees through the system in the next couple of years a hold any gains. There could be some gains. Yeah. Yes. Some tough races. There you've got Tennessee's tougher Republicans. You've got a former governor running against a member of congress. But you've got pickup opportunities in North Dakota and Missouri and Indiana, West Virginia. So I think probably a net. I could see a net gain of two to three seats and Senate Democrats keep talking about how they're going to grab the house. I don't know how that's possible. It's all turned out. Ray amine. It's it's not possible. If people are energized on on our side, and you know. Unwittingly. The cavenaugh matter may have done that. We don't know that we just don't know. And. Yeah. And and you know, it's. To me predictability, there's the difficult. There's no agenda. Neither party has an agenda. Democrats are running on nothing Republicans are really running on a tax cut and an economy and some of the things that have happened while they'd been in control, but there's not much of an agenda out there that we grabble. Getting into it right now in California graces, the ballot stuff in the propositions and all that looking at some state right raises. You know, I'm not gonna probably go through all of them. Because I mean, it's a given the Democrats are gonna rule. It Cox got any chance at all. No. I don't think he does. It's the voter registrations too difficult, but beyond that the the brand of republicanism in California is very damaged. And so the one person that has a chance made a decision to not run as a Republican this time in that Steve poison. I was going to ask you if there's anybody in the state wide races. That's not a democrat has a chance there is it Steve poisoner and insurance. Commissioners and Steven great guy. You really know about Steve. But Steve invented the GPS chip is every cell phone in the world. He's smart. He's also smart enough to know. He did some polling before he announced it if you ran with an r after his name that he lose by twenty points. And if you ran as no party preference he'd win. So he ran is no party preference. And that's why he's doing it. It's a watershed election from the standpoint of if he wins. You will see a flood of other people running as no party preference. Statewide NPP, and it could change the face of California politics could very well congressional races. Jim Kosta versus Elizabeth hang. Know, I don't have a feel for this one. I think she had a chance I really do butter campaign sucks. I don't live in the district. It's really easy to be in love with her as a candidate. Because she's very smart talented represents herself. Very well. Pena's week. I'm disappointed. It's you know. It's hard to say costs a tough person to beat really doesn't have any compelling reason to be reelected hasn't done anything. She's saying that now finally in her ads. I just don't know. I mean, I, you know, we do know that this race will be inside a four or five points. Yeah. And and does and it's all about s- southwest, Fresno and southeast Fresno, the whole campaign because she will sweep everything to the north of Fresno county, and it's all about the margins in south, Fresno. And that's where she's from. So does that whole swayed is up pony weight? She's the kind of candidate if let's say she doesn't win. She's the kind of candidate could come back as no party preference in two years and win easily. Because again in a lot of immigrant communities and a lot of communities that are that are in the south of Fresno. The Republican brand is is just it's Nuff to not vote for somebody. So I think cost is running a campaign that he believes his competitive busy has to he came out negative against her two three weeks ago. And to me that's an indication that he feels like he's got to put some distance between him and her does she beat him outside of Fresno to the north beats him everywhere. Thought of Fresno. Yeah, everywhere. Yeah. I I would agree that there's a good chance for that. So. In the district, Twenty-one validation and TJ Cox, and that whole controversy with Cox the home in Maryland. And you know, where does the guy truly live and all that stuff? I don't think validates in any kind of trouble NIA, nor do I he's he's fought off much better candidates and TJ Cox in the past Cox's campaign is entirely about resisting Trump and something about what Valdo did on healthcare, which isn't true. So Valla deals defied the odds every two years since he was first elected people people in his district like him. And he's connected to the district. TJ Cox isn't from the district in actually switched district's originally filed a run against Jeff Denham in the north and then switched. And so I mean, he's he's the he's the perfect definition of a carpetbagger, and interloper whatever you wanna call it. You know? Anything can happen in politics. But if I had to say today who I thought would win I think it'd be David. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. Let's let's roll up to the mountains a little bit and talk about Tom McClintock versus Jessica Morris. I don't think McClintock some trouble slam dunk, slam dunk. No. And of course, district twenty. Devin newness versus Andrew Janse. We are we're witnessing history here. This is the Andrew Johns, you they say he's raised money. He has raised any money at all people are throwing money against Devin Nunes, angry Democrats who somehow believe Russia. So glad you said that flipped tat way counties, you know, five thousand counties or something like that United States, and somehow Russia changed the outcome in in these counties and Devon stonewalling, blah, blah, blah. You know what? So throwing seven million dollars a chance you can't spend more than two million dollars here. It's I mean, every dollar you spend over two million is just a waste of money. It's like throwing it down the toilet. You got seven million. And so, you know, if you happen to be up at three o'clock in the morning, you'll see Janet's on Seinfeld reruns. And you see chance on everywhere. And I it's just I've seen the polling in this race and may two and the undecided has been under three. Percent since April. So now, but I always hedge my predictions people gotta show up and vote, right? But the polling I've seen you know. It's it's always been a long shot and the district is carved out to be a Republican district. It is it is it's gerrymandered. It's a gift to the Republicans. It said GOP district. I just wonder if act blue which is the aggregate or for all the campaign money for Japan's will ask for that money back because. I don't see how we spend seven million. I just don't, you know? And I don't think he's a very good candidate eater. He's not. No, he's not as a whig candidate just a young guy who's trying to act tough. And and you know, I I don't know. It's the word is out. He's trying to make a name for himself and save it for another day and another race. You know, maybe. Couple of assembly races. Jim was just here. Why not let's talk about him versus alien radio. I think no worry about. No. I mean, Jim Jim Patterson's been one of the most effective members of the legislature ever from around here being stuck in the minority party. He still works his rear end off. And he does everything he can possibly do from his position a win easily and he should win. He's a really great Representative very well. One that could be interesting only because of the name recognition of the democrat. And that's Anaconda gyro in the Senate race in district twelve versus rob Poitras who is again running at the old NPP. You know, I mistakenly called him a Republican. That's I'd I'd take that all back mea culpa goofed. But talk to me about that one. I think he's good candidate, you know, on a car bureaus got long record that you can attack. And I think that ad kinda likes her. Yeah. But, you know, listen to all my friends out there, and you you may lot of mistakes politically over the last twenty or thirty years starting with your your romantic affair with Dianne Feinstein and. To the extent you have to nuzzle up to ask in the state because the Democrats have the majority I understand a little of that. But I think this race is a coin toss. And we'll see it's just one of those things we're we're gonna have to find out on election day spinner Feinstein. I'm in this race with her and Kevin daily on. I mean, I'm voting for daily on why? Because I she is she to me. Oh my God. No, I am. I am. I have endorsed him. I am voting for Kevin daily on because she her conduct. Boy, I have to split with you on that one L, and he's a radical leftist. These the anti-crisis resign answered. But, you know, Ray her first of all during the height of our drought when she had a chance to move a water Bill through the Senate that was authored in the house and past she pumped it she she pretended for decades to care about valley water. What's he gonna do? He says we're town full of tumbleweed. Right. So what's the harm? So what's the harm the same result with that guy? And at least you can take him on with a no party preference candidate in in in six years that can run as a centrist and maybe take him out. Maybe right. Yeah. But the other thing her her conduct during the cavenaugh hearings. Yeah. So no way I'm voting for her. Okay. Dokey? Let's see where I wanna go Andy Vitek when here a lot of these ads. We just heard back to back with that back to back but separate about ten minutes. Antibi- Dak Melissa Dotto. I don't know how competitive that is in the real world. But boy did a lot of advertising. He's in good shape. Her campaign, essentially as saying Andy Reid ACA spent all of his time in office trying to kill everybody who lives in district. Absurd. It's funny that it's it's not believable. So you just you listen to her ads and go no human being act like that. While they're water Paul Ryan attack of you know, wheelchairs off the cliff with old people in it. You know? This is the Senate district number eight Andrei Borjas, you know, the Republican versus Paulina Miranda, the democrat that's pretty much a done deal for for dress. Yeah. I would think so probably one of the safest GOP seats left in the in the legislature seems to be seems to be..

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