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Feels like summer outside fifty four degrees in central high right now, that's our high today. Cruise down the thirty six tonight and on the heels of the polar vortex. When you come out of that this kind of temperature is time put shorts on and go Sunday's because it feels like it feels like it's summer. I'll tell you what if the snow on the ground be great data play golf today. At the flooding behind. You know, the melting snow is crazy. Couldn't that parking lot behind you. Wow. A lot of good point. Make sure you got your, you know, one things about flooding is you gotta make sure your sump pump work. So if you've not gone in your basement late lately, check your sump pump. Make sure it's working. I've done mine. Several times over the last couple of weeks because I don't want to be caught off guard and go downstairs one day. Get my wings from the freezer that I've got the basement go get down to the bottom stepping here. Squish squish on the bottom after the bottom step because it got water in the basement. So what side Jeff it's my name. It's Super Bowl Sunday. And a lot of things going on today. One is the Super Bowl is tonight at six thirty kicks off. And Gladys Gladys Knight is sing the national anthem the over under on prop bets is one minute. And forty seven seconds on that sing. Maroon five will headline halftime show. The band will be joined by special guests Travis Scott in big boy will come back to that. In about sixty seconds, the b-dubs Buffalo Wild Wings, our partner b-dubs host. You know, a buck line is hosted a beat. Dubs up in Bethel road. We've talked an hour ago with the Rix, boys. The director of marketing for group enterprises. The owner the b-dubs that we go to on buffalo road. They also own the one on Fifth Avenue era, Fifth Avenue down near all intangible and also the one in Hilliard, and he said today's the biggest day of the year for consumption of chicken wings, and certainly biggest day of the year at a b-dubs. No surprise and carry out is really big and deliveries. Really big. Yes, they deliver b-dubs will be giving away free wings. It's a Super Bowl goes into overtime..

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