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NBC news radio I'm Tom Roberts defense secretary mark asper said to a fired Richard Spencer is navy secretary because of the way Spencer handled the case of court martialed navy seal Eddie Gallagher NBC reporter Courtney QB says some new facts of come to light the president has wanted Eddie Gallagher to keep his his status as a navy seal we now know that he was the one president trump is one who directed secretary asper to end the navy review for Bob board process to let Eddie Gallagher retirees U. S. navy seal Spencer privately proposed to the White House that Gallagher keep the tried and pin but esper didn't know that as he and joint chiefs chairman mark Millie trying to persuade the president to let the triton review board consider expelling Gallagher from the seals lawmakers are home for thanksgiving after having wrapped up their first public hearings on the house impeachment inquiry of president trump NBC's Kelly o'donnell takes a look at what's ahead decisions need to be made about what steps to take next when it comes to specific articles of impeachment and how Democrats want to move forward the White House pushing back saying that the public does not want to see this impeachment inquiry a Chinese woman convicted of trespassing and Mar a Lago with a thumb drive infected with malware will be sentenced today you doing John will face six years for unlawfully entering president trump's Palm Beach Florida resort in March and lying to secret service agents the capitol Christmas tree is arrived in Washington DC from New Mexico to mark the beginning of the holiday season architect of the capitol Thomas Carol our capitol grounds an arboretum team will spend the next several days.

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