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Andrew young and catherine garcia did team up and appear campaign event at together to support each other a couple of days ago. But unfortunately that's that catalyze and it reached from. Eric adams the front runner who was invited to the party. Who clearly felt threatened by that. Now eric adams is is black and he attacked both garcia and yang saying that both they're kind of gain up on him so to speak and in fact the ranked choice system itself amounts to racially targeted voter suppression now. He didn't substantiate that claim. To be completely clear. There is no evidence that there is any voter suppression going. On in fact several election officials spoke out extremely strongly against yang's assertion but this this dynamic that was created by ranked choice. Voting seems to have really riled adams up perhaps understandably yesterday on the final. Full day of campaigning. He called young a liar and a fraud. Quite strong language in the context of the was meant to be a democratic party primary anywhere. These people were to from same party so another effect of ranked choice voting is if we don't get an outright winner in the first round which is likely given the size of the field and how close the races. We might not know who won the race for quite a while. They may not be an official winner until the week of july twelfth. But we will know at least information before that. Did we win. Leave there henry ba- now words literally who's going to roll out the winner right at the end of this turgid process who is going to be the winner in one word yes. I believe adams that was three words. Henry adams that's henry. Reshare it in these maps as well and really love me. Speak view as ever on new york correspondent henry reassured in there joining us on the briefing finally on today's program. It's time for fashion and retail. Roundup on joined now by monica fashion expert. It says here jamie. Walters get off jamie good afternoon talk funny. Isn't it. well you. You'll be the thing to talk about and i guess we should start actually in milan. Shouldn't we men's fashion week. Just wrapped up. Give us a few of the main takeaways from your well trained i yes it finished with the georgia armani show which was kind of a fitting way to end because if we throw back to february twenty twenty. I'm amani was one of the designers who decided to close off his physical. Shaw close closed off to the audience. In only and basically he he streamed the show that was kind of as the pandemic was kind of keying off or there were murmurings of milan so now. He hosted a physical show to close milan fashion week so he was kind of this idea of like the opening up of physical shows again. He hosted in his garden. Which is what he used to doing. The ninety s and early two thousands so it was much more intimate than he shows had become recently. What was interesting in milan. Is this idea of you. Know what the future of i guess. Formal dressing untiring lou site. Because that's what milan is known for and there were some some interesting collections. That were like. There's a sense of occasion in terms of the clause in the the outfits but it comes through in in the kind of matching it's matching paces. Shirts and trousers really soft jackets. Even work where jackets there were some coins style. Jackets and trousers From i'm sorry we're talking about brands. Like zenya armani brands that are really known for the tailoring in their search. But they weren't that want former suits like we know it so someone send yeah. There was a lot of really soft really quite casual paces when you have like a shirt trousers combination in the same color. There's a sense of almost formality. But it's but it's quite casual as well and and this idea that you can make a lot of the different pieces in the collection in a really easy way rather than having like full looks if we then look to paris which is of course just about to kick off. I don't know where we see variations on that same theme. Do you think because there is again. This this inescapable feeling about reopening of everything. How will that manifest itself Paris do you think. I think one of the interesting things with power that paper looking to his is decided of fashion weeks will look why can and physical showers versus digital shows so impacts. I think that six designers that are doing physical shows so you still a very small minority and at the moment. It's the big houses deals doing doing fiscal. You're measuring physical. Show a lot and not showing son laurent's not doing not showing during fashion wait gucci not showing during fashion week so and then a lot of doing digital so. I think what's interesting. i mean. We have power men's this week and then and then i think the and then could true awake is in july so those designers where we think how the fiscal shows. How did they physical go. So i think it's through this process of figuring out do is a physical shore the way forward. I and i think the big brands at i think that's over the past year a hasn't been know what kind of come up with a better option. There's been some interesting in an increasingly convincing digital options. But i think no basically it seems as though physical for brands that have that money that wanna make a route cut through. That will be the solution and it's funny because they still have to measure the mary up the kind of the theater with maybe. There's an unease about people striking said about money that it's still quite small. Scale quite intimate. Because i guess people aren't really maybe ready for like the mega mega production value. Then used to being around people so they still go to kind of balance. Those things together and i would come to this in the second other designers are also looking at maybe not pretty checking mobile kind of piggybacking on other events to kind of make an impression which were two a second but if we just stay in paris for second Readers of monaco magazine looking back to the june issue. I will have read and seen some absolutely sumptuous photographs about Less samaritan or as those in the know refer to it on parade jamie legendary department store of course owned by lvmh an incredible scale super expensive refurbishment And it's reopening now finally. Yes this is a this really kind of confident reopening. That's an an symbolic value for fifth power and it sort of like the he's reopening Emmanuel macron was was there the kind of reopening the ribbon cussing. And it's this really kind of i guess it's a couple of things the idea that powered opening up to the again. It's also decide you know department store which is obviously these traditional rachel.

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