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Seven hundred what is happening to the planet. Ton of things are going on. And a lot of people are wondering. What's what's going on with the magnetic field in two thousand fourteen it was reported, spike? Shuman residents from the stable seven point eight three hurts to around fifteen to twenty five hurts. In early two thousand seventeen. However, the Schuman residents was reported to have reached thirty six plus hurts levels. That's quite a big deal. Especially to those who have not heard human residents is what it is is named after Shuman wwl Schuman's, professor the term used to describe the measurement of electromagnetic waves in the space between the surface of the earth, and the ion is fear and for a very long time. Schuman residents has been at seven point eight three hurts with slight variations, and you take a look at what the ancient Indian Rishi is referred to a seven point eighty three is the home. And they said that's the idling the engine. That's the heartbeat of the planet. The heartbeat is speeding up. So is this an indication that the earth is preparing for a natural event some celestial event something that in the historical record is been seen before both geological and archaeological. I mean, there are plenty of there's plenty of hard evidence of periodic planetary catastrophe. Our planet earth is in fact, experienced global and landmass rearrangements of the closing areas of conclusions about picks. Since the beginning of time. And here we are now again at this point is they're telling us the magnetic field is moving quickly moving south. There may be a flip. And a lot of other crazy things. Go on Marshall masters with us tonight on ground zero. We've been talking about how this year maybe the year of a lot of mulch was earth activity, including the tar is bringing with it some Guscott type event could happen again, maybe not there was a lot of activity that happened in one thousand nine hundred five we've talked about the possibility that we're seeing sweepers from planet X or something coming through. We've heard about last year we heard about the goblin planet. We heard about Volkan people talked about nemesis. And again, there are still those who are holding out for planet x and Marshall back on ground zero. You know, I I would always say, and it's like I think back in the time. I've known you for a long time, we talked about, you know, planet axe. And we kind of about it. Then we kind of take it seriously. We laugh about it. We'd take it seriously. But again, you know, I remember you and several other people over. Time had said that we would start seeing some major volcanic activity. We'd be seeing major earthquake activities strange. Sky signs and magnetic field fluctuations if and when planet x would be getting near to us, even though many people claim, they see it, you know, which if they did we'd probably be dead by now, but it's out there somewhere. And and I'm wondering, so what seems to be the science. Why did they lead us with the cosmic carrot and only dash our dreams by saying? Well, we haven't found it yet. Well, first off, CLYDE, I did see it. I saw up in warden Washington on September ninth of this year with an observer who is various student. She works with me on other projects. And now all these years have been talking about it, never doubted it, but it was always kind of clinical at an arm's length when you see it. Oh peace in your Cheerios. Let's put it that way. It was the worst day of my life because I knew I was looking at death coming and. Is it a is it already impacting our earth and causing it? And what's the cause of all of this? That you're talking about. Well. The actual causalities. I don't know. If we have a lot of ideas, but it's really kind of hard to be down in the core. You know, you gotta have SPF ninety eight thousand you know, right? He get through that. But. Chem trails. Absolute absolute proof that everything is being caused by an increasingly brighter sun. That's the absolute proof because what are they doing with the aluminum, they're reflecting photons back out into space in the photons are carrying the radiation that they don't want striking the lithosphere. And there you go. Well, our they the the the nomenclature now, and I try to get I'm trying to get people to use the new nomenclature that the government approves is stratospheric aerosol injections. Have you heard that term the government now is they're giving the go-ahead for the new experiments with quote Chem trails calling them Chem trails anymore. They're calling. They're calling the stratospheric aerosol injections. So when you look up in the sky, if you say stratospheric, aerosol injections, somebody will raise their eyebrows. And they'll go what's that? If you say Cam shows, you're just a conspiracy theorist, but yeah, stratospheric, aerosol injections or the new terms. It was said by John Brennan CIA to the council on foreign relations. Those at Harvard or doing experiments with it. And and they're actually going to say that they can keep one up there in the in the in the upper stratosphere for about eighteen months. So I mean, I see what they're doing and how they spray they spray people see him all the time. We see him in our area. They do the checkerboard pattern. They like to be up win. So they can spray and then the prevailing winds at altitude. We'll carry it. They like spring heavily over volcanoes, particularly Yellowstone because Yellowstone has a more Tech's that rises up in it actually after when they spray over when I was Yellowstone. I watched him spraying. It was the most stunning thing. Clyde, I watched was totally solid overcast with clouds, and then it split, and it literally were huge Bank to one side, a huge Bank to the other side. And there was this straight shot of blue sky in between and I'm looking at the blue sky just as a four engine commercial jet comes in dives down into. It leveled off and sprayed it shut while I saw that with my own eyes. Well, all right. I see the the experimentation that China is doing over Siberia with the cloud that blocked out the sun for three hours. They talked about how they were responsible for that oily cloud because it was a it was a way to harness the sun's energy and use it to manipulate the weather, and I'm thinking, you know, what are they doing to the planet? I mean, the geo engineering of the planet could cost some of this as well. And I think that between all of the things we're doing from, you know, you look at Fukushima what it's doing to the planet. You look at what what Sern the large Hadron collider is doing to the planet with the court canons that basically huge magnets that are under the earth that could cause the core to fluctuate a bit. You see what's going on with like like what's in space now, and what we see on a cosmological level. I don't think anybody even thinks about cosmology, and what it means for the fate of the planet. It means that the planet is going to prepare itself. Oh, something coming and the only thing I can determine is that was writing my monologue deny the only thing I can determine would it be something like planet x or some asteroid that may be coming in and it were responding to electro-magnetic -ly. Absolutely. In your article. You mentioned her coal Obas. Yes. Ralitsa? This is actually the term that was used by the Atlantans to describe what we call planet x Nibiru. Red dragon destroyer nemesis, whatever you wanna call it. There's a lot of evidence out there. And then people just call it, whatever they call it. You look in the Colbourne bible, which has brilliant accounts of the Egyptians of the fly by that occurred during exodus they called it the destroyer so do the Hebrews, right? They call it the destroyer and in in the Coburn. Our man on the street interview quality descriptions of what is happening when this thing comes through. And it is we're talking about. And when we say thirty six hundred years remember, this is lunar years. Not Gregorian years thirty six hundred okay. Thirty six hundred lunar years when you do lunar years the math works when you do Gregorian calendar, which we're on it doesn't because our calendars and abomination right? All right. But the it's going to this things coming up from the south. It's we're in a counter rotating situation where it's moving on to access the mini cost elation system with nemesis at its core is going horizontally on that horizontal axis going around about three hundred sixty days to go around the sun, but about thirty six hundred lunar years for its vertical. Which is it's probably about thirty degrees. Tilted to the clip clinic. Right. And it takes a long time. And it's bins virtually most of its time in the southern skies where it doesn't present any problem for us whatsoever. It's in the northern sky. And we're seeing it I have I put up a video in December. That was an out altitude observation from a couple of fellows that were flying in Russia, and they did a brilliant job on it. Right. I published it with a detailed analysis, and it was extremely it's the voting on. I think last time I look was a hundred and fifty nine up six down. That's good video. I I never I never realized that her colas was referred to as the red dragon. I knew as the red planet, but the idea of her cold is being the red dragon sends me flying because of all the dragon metaphors that are being used now in space. We have the dragon crew with SpaceX we have which of course, is an ancient description of the outer most reaches of the northern parts of the earth where they say, the dragons dwell and the idea that you have Altima throughly or beyond the area where the dragons dwell where we're going out bear the idea of the dragon in the bible being part of the war in heaven. We have the metaphors of the Phoenix, which of course, is more or less bird. But it's a bird that comes from fire, and it flies in it. Right. It has been represented at times like a dragon a bird like dragon. And so now, you're calling her her call abyss is the red dragon as well. I think that some amazing things can be can actually be interpreted metaphorically about the the rise of the dragon unity, Orion nebula. They just add the Orion dragon that they found and they did three D imaging on. So there's so many things going on that I would say point to some sort of a arrival of what could be known as the celestial dragon. Yes. And actually, here's an interesting bit of history. We knew about her Cole of this before we actually knew about planet x or Nibiru. And here's the reason why there was a an astronomer from Chile car. Carlos Muna's Faratah, an amazing man, an amazing man, and he talked about he said that there was in this steeply inclined thirty six hundred year annual lunar year orbit. And he said it was the a black star and a large rocky planet several times the size of earth.

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