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This is on ly the beginning. I would hope that more would feel More emboldened to speak up, and if I'm Dan Snyder, the only Washington Redskins I would push for that. I would say if anybody out there has gone through this as a former employee or even a current employees. Please come forward. Do not worry about retribution. Do not worry about losing your job. If we're going to change this culture, we want to find out exactly who was doing what And if you felt violated if you felt harassed if you felt abused, do not feel awful about coming forward. Do not stay silent. It dance night wants to flip this around from a public relations standpoint to me, that is something that he has to do. It can't just be on Rod Rivera doing it or happening behind the scenes. You find a way to say if you're feeling that way, then we want to get to the bottom of this. That makes you that this ends right here. This went on, allegedly for 13 years onto his through the ship as being an owner of Washington. He should not want this to go on one minutes one minute longer, and that's going to be the case you should let people know they should feel emboldened that they were violated or sexually harassed than dance night has to leave that way to make sure they feel comfortable. To be open and say something is something had gone on. And I hope this report, is it But we know better and how much of that should scare us. If there is more out there past the report we got from the Washington Post and the the National Football League because we always know they're about image and not having That kind of shiner towards the image. Jason Ri from the end of feet. It was on SportsCenter. And he said, Yeah, we got the Washington Post story but the NFL this is what you should do about it. I think that in that post me to there's no way the NFL can just allow this to stand, The Washington Post reports. I believe that the league will have to investigate the situation. And they let me be clear about this. I don't mind saying that Daniel Snyder tell Tin instant. I'm not saying anyway supported these things happening, But these things happened on his watch. So if I'm the NFL on another NFL owners, this is a problem and it must be dealt with and it must be looking to buy the NFL. But will they Now they did release then really released a statement. If anything, the NFL basically stayed out of it. They were contacted by so many different people in the NFL had nothing to say they want to make sure that they get as much information requires much information as possible before they put out a statement. But here's something else I thought about with this whole thing. I wonder who else is going to dine out somebody and I'm talking about an accused, accusing another accused. Because usually if one goes down, they want to bring somebody with him. Well, Yeah, I was doing it. But so was that person. Yeah, I was completely wrong. I should have known better. I want to apologize to anybody that was offended by my behavior. But I was not the only one doing it. I wonder how much of that turning on each other could be possible. If the investigation goes the way I believe is supposed to go. And should be an independent person or independent people doing that, Whether you're washing you hire them or an NFL you're going to hire them has got to be somebody without 100% buys. That's not paid by the National Football League directly or by Washington directly. But usually in situations like this. I've seen it time and time again yet. Well, I did, but he started it. We always completes it, but he was the one I wonder how much of that could potentially go on. The more and more information that I believe we're going to find out going beyond the report that happened today in The Washington Post about not one, not two. But 15 different women who worked for Washington as a football organization, alleged sexual harassment and verbal abuse by former scouts and members of Daniel Snyder's inner circle. The owner, the Washington Redskins. Stay tuned Mark my words..

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