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I no. I don't take you all over the place and i don't even see where my connection is next week movies since you're going to body or my nose just kind of ended. Who is eugene rose you. Nobody i know who he is. he's he's a lower tier doughy guy but he was still there with everybody else. A hundred and forty four krejci. Just one guy that gets lost in the brecon mix yet zone. Air wolf executive decision. Yeah roswell tv movie. Batman the animated series. He is like a kind of lovable local and also he can throw on like a army In uniform you know yeah He was in fifty episodes of webster. Nightclothes returning character in perfect stranger and night court is in corvette summer. Hardcastle mccormack foul play. But there's a movie down here. Nineteen eighty-three called cocaine and blue eyes. K. starring oj simpson Candy clark is in asom steven. Toby laskey ned ryerson himself. Needle nose ned. Wait a minute where where are we. We're looking at cocaine and blue eyes. Nineteen eighty three. Let's just do that. That sounds fucking off. Do that Leonardo s- amino we've brought him up before because he was in the monster squad as an all. K- that that guys yeah. Yeah you'll notice another guy down here by the name of k. loot. Yup he he luke I don't. I don't know how you'll see his picture and you know who he is but he played grandfather in grim yere one. That had the right right. This guy's career goes on it and see a movie down here that i'm my fingers firmly crossed. Come on come on This guy played so many voices alvin and the chipmunks spiderman and his amazing friends goldie gold in action. Jack you're remember ed. If you look at his trivia eight is actually married to room mcclanahan for a long time. Was he really know the goebbels baby look we would just stop the podcast and we would. That's it we gotta start holding new podcast clear all this shit outta here we got. It is weird seeing him without that weird makeup. I think he got hooked up with hanna-barbera and did a lot of stuff He was in battle of the planets cartoon. Yeah right otherwise known as What is known as zoll tar. Is that where. Older helmets are like birds. I think you're right. Yeah he also was in plastic man comedy hour all my god. He was master po in kung easier. Yeah which is kind of what he looks like him gremlins. It's basically the same makeup. But i don't think i realized he had that much makeup on for the hell's the first movie the first thing we were talking to gremlins. I'm sorry. He had a ton of makeup on like he looks normal when he doesn't have that weird mustache contacts in. Here's a bit of trivia for you. Nineteen sixty seven and the space goes cartoon. He played the voice of brac. Oh edem metal take back. This is the first.

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