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Well. You can't do nab certain okay but there are still no there are no. It's okay okay. This is funny if you go to fiji which is much more better ester known and visited tourists so it's not in my book but they have accountable museum. There might actually have a national museum. They have their. We're gonna accountable section in the museum of course they <hes> and then the last person who was eastern he was he was a british guy. There was nothing left of him so the only thing they find what's his shoes kind of eight the rest right so shoes are also wow sixty seven okay yeah it should be. It should be well. I mean i guess when you're getting down to the twenty lease visit a destinations as you are probably going to encounter some some things along the way right so those three three sort of island nations since i guess that you would highlight whether any other dads to that list as well you have a five other countries to kid about your <hes> so you have marshall islands and the micronesian federation pacific. They're all worth visiting and you can get there fairly easily. From from the united states you have the so-called island hopper that's flown by united that goes from louis and to to marshall islands and anti renisha federation and from there you can relatively easily visit to the other this but as i said sometimes there there are a few days between flights. You might <hes> decide some time yeah. I know there's a probably small percentage of people that are interested in traveling to maybe war torn countries or some of these more dangerous places and i'm u._b. Probably aliyah mistake on my part. If i didn't ask you about what it's like to travel to some of those places a list you mentioned when you broken up into two of the twenty and and i'm just curious how that works logistically i guess traveling to those countries and i just wanted to hear some experience from the grounds because chances are in who knows in your lifetime how things will go but i'm not probably going to any of those places anytime soon so this is my chance to hear what it's like. No i mentioned yemen where i used to fix so typically. You should know someone on the ground. I mean of course i never know maybe also of course there are some people out. They actually they. They seek the frontier where you know. There was fighting. I don't do that. You know i you know i i try to say saif i they ask people on the ground and i tried to get advice and you know i'm not. I'm there to experience things. I'm not there to sue die right so typically find someone local guests advice good way to do that is via social media or we might be in your hotel in the post you ask oscar grant to to these countries are so few visitors that if you approach people and say hey i'm visiting as a tourist festival will probably think you're crazy. Is you know officer officer. After a few seconds i would think that'd be quite on the that's reading is but generally you're finding that people are surprised and honored isn't that and and they're very curious so this is kind of their chance to they might not be able to do a lot of traveling. It's absolutely nothing when when you know we are very lucky we we have. We're from high income countries. We have strong policies. We can actually travel yeah and then you think about and people are inviting us to weddings and dinners hikes and boat trips and all the rest of it and then you think about it and we post this on social media denver so proud when getting many logs and look what i did in my holiday this with some locals and stop to think wow don't you think those people that took us devos in writers those things those experiences don't you think they would like. Did you travel as well yeah and most of them would but you know that you know they're not they. Don't wanna have you by conscience. You know talking about since you know. I met this one guy in costa rica and he told me you know i'm really inspired by all the traveling all the rest of it. I only wish i could do as well. You know i'm never going to be. I'm never gonna make enough of money so if travelling doesn't humbly as a person. I don't have anything anything will definitely we're thinking about. We are very very lucky to be able to travel to different countries and i think that's that's very important to keep in mind yeah and then when it comes to traveling you know even afghanistan john somalia south sudan yemen or these countries they have safe zones so she can actually visit a word and country if you want to on be safe are relatively cypher even very safe afganistan. You have a province. That's called bamian which is considered only saif province in afghanistan in some ways. It's the only place where there tourist office for instance and it's being visited by thousands of locals ghani's every year. Okay okay you know it's a beautiful area safe very few weapons elsewhere in afghanistan and the weapons everywhere. You'll see military vehicles everywhere so he's also a break. Mike and we're seeing that more and more westerners are going there as well to even skiing and see to to hunt for archaeological sites and you know explore archaeological okay logical sites and very green and all the rest of so you can always find somewhere almost always you know but i don't recommend people who hasn't really travelled much to to make were ridden country. There faster nation you know is the same as with anything else baseball football soccer singing. You know you're not going to be world champion the first day you try something. It's about practice travel as well so you know salt local and and gradually expanded paris than make you wait afghanistan just like that. I've no anchor. I guess for what it's like to be in war-torn country like that and i mean even when you're in the safe zone. I guess you're you're still with local so you're getting a sense of what that is. I mean what is it like. What is the vibe in afghanistan for example. Is it just kind of hey. We're just beat down all the way like this. This is constantly happening or january. People just living their lives and people alert generally living their lives in kabul the capital city of afghanistan almost five million people. It's a fairly big city. I mean there. There's many people there are or and tire no way so i was there and there was there was a bomb blast so it was a terror acts of terror and fifty seven people died and i also people you know a friend friend of mine gala leon ask him. How can you live like this since well. It's life. We're not going to terrorists. Make them win. We're not gonna make them dictate. How we're going to our lives so we take our precautions. You know we look for hidden unusual objects or people that i've live suspiciously we avoid typically avoid big accused and stuff like that but other than that you know we live our lives normally and we're never gonna win win and then he said something and then you have to you have to be good in statistics as it what what six or even the very sad events events today. Fifty seven people died right. It's in a city of five hundred people look at how many people die in the country five million or you know in a city of five hundred people in traffic accidents and i don't know in bike gun wounds whatever else you know being hit by cars or and so it adds up so you have to look at statistics very very unlikely that is going to hit you and it is a valid point valid point for us travelers. You know yes the only thing we hear the only things we hear about from afghanistan and south sudan and somalia if anything is about bomb-blast dumbass tara and then that was one of the reasons i wanted to write this book was to give a voice to normal people from unusual countries right people. You never hear anything about it. Because the only thing you only hear anything about these countries it's bum blossom and death and an awful things and you never hear about the normal people they have kids there. They have schools restaurants. Everything is normal to sutton degree right. You know we perceive these countries very abnormal dangerous awful nasi osu places because the only thing we hear only things we hear about are are negative things to certain degree to to. I think about this being that gentleman you referred to probably a very a very enlightened thing to do right in his position like his things are going on all the time and just to remember oh hey this is not the majority of what's happening and still having that positive outlook and <hes> like you said for travelers to remember that i think it's good because it dispels the fear of a travel really when you keep that in mind but that's not to say that like like you said you shouldn't take precautions and be smart about things but with a twenty four seven media cycle it does make very difficult to like almost almost like you have to take make a conscious effort and do your research and kind of be on top of it yourself to remind yourself that hey the world's it's not so bad. I mean as a travel you know that to go in it but even still like. I haven't been traveling a ton lately so it's not like i forget that but you see all this terrible stuff in the news as in you have to remind yourself. Hey the places. I bet you see people are just living their lives. They want the best for their children. They want a roof over their heads and food and all the basic things that everybody wants and that's just the way it is everywhere. It's no human being. It's quite funny. Though because travel is being perceived as dangerous per se everything now you know whenever you travel. I travel our mothers or parents or siblings. Whoever sure be careful be safe right. Yeah on on anything can happen of course but this is also the notion if you travel about you know you have to be safe because that's perceived as dangerous then beloved who i told you from kabul you i stayed within his house very very generous and very hospitable guy journalists there. He traveled apple to you to to germany april. This april worry now facebook friends feed and everything and he posts a picture from from hamburg germany and all this have gone in friends in word and country on his wall posting be safe right right right well. A colleague from afghanistan. Traveling are safe because being at home is considered safe. Being on the road is considered. That's the news. That really blew my mind. How insane that kind of says it all right. It's just nature for a lot lot of it comes from love to you know i mean of course your mother. Whoever is they just don't want you to get hurt but then they don't say you're getting in the car driveway like be safe. I'm just you're driving the grocery store because obviously most accidents might happen in a car different things but you know it's funny the things we focus on but that's that's a great story. Area love the heads of the so yeah. Just being in germany be safe. I need that anyone says we're on the topic of safety and you've been many places many times. Have you had any sort of situations that were dicey wine somalia once and it was about something as far as a fight over who is going to sit in front of the car of the share taxi terrible fighter physical fight now. How is it almost on into physical fights but this friend of mine is.

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