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Talk live. Take control of the Airways number's eight five five four five zero three seven three three with you tonight. It's aria Melanie Edmark as promised. We've got the clip here, the lunatic voicemail that was left by James Whitaker. Describe lunatic heat is probably the most honest thing he's ever said. So I'm not going to waste any time. Let's go directly to that. This message is for the luckiest man to be alive in Keene. New hampshire. Going to repair. Tone, profusely apologize, and pay me for me just a power Hold to. on for pausing on this. I'm I'm not gonna let this ramble on without commentary. I can assure you. Well, okay, but I wasn't expecting it. So I just quickly hit space, which stopped it figure that out. It didn't Paul's it. So now this, pay me thing is new because previously had been like apologize. Apologize multiple times. James, I'm sorry for whatever, whatever. Rambling screed that you're going to send my way and it requires it apology to stop getting the next one, especially the one where you threaten my family. I'm sorry policy. Do you want to offer him a sincere apology? I don't even. Sincerely, apologize for this. Listen for docks me smearing me accuse me of wind to murder your wife. I didn't him he himself, right? I think that are amplifiers found his information online. I didn't look for it. I don't care this guy, obviously, isn't going to come after me. He's been doing this for five years. Well, I don't know about obviously, you know, he's he could happen anytime. He apparently has the life skills to get from Tempe, Arizona to Keene New Hampshire. If he wants the concern of okay? Maybe I'm not crazy enough to schedule a flight just to come do whatever. But if I happen to be here for some reason, I'm still crazy while I'm here. So I mean, that's also a concern that is also concerned because there are a lot of festivals and things like that happening here in New Hampshire that he being a lunatic may be inclined just to go to remember, ladies and gentlemen. A law enforcement officer is in the same room with this guy less than a week ago. Having heard all of this audio from start to finish, presumably, at least been delivered. This audio two and a half minutes of it and chose not to. Arrest. This guy, ask yourself if you're being protected and served under these circumstances. Doc me, smearing me accuse me of wind to murder your wife in child. Call me a races creating face page Facebook page with my name on it, and especially for call me a.

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