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Every other spirits. You did it didn't. Dance. was like just you chair like an ex husband that you couldn't stand and you just like your emotions were your anger towards them and the dance. The execution was feeding them unbeknownst to him or anyone and you got away with it just like you've got away with this dad's I just don't know how you did it. Only you do. It common. Yeah I'm watching just for that. I never watched one season of day of dancing with the stars and I've had friends on that show. Yeah. I I'm not I'm not gonNA I. Wouldn't I've never watched it I will watch for Carol vast. Move, and now though they've set the bar high though they better be getting like Tony Robbins and bucking, you know Oprah. I mean baskin if you're talking reality star celebrity that to me right now. Kardashian can't hold Kennel that early good. I WANNA. See Carol Baskin Oj. I WANNA see OJ. I WanNa see Robert Blake all celebrities people, I Got An all murders. Yeah. It will literally be a murderer's row. Mirrors route. So m you have Caitlin Jenner cause remember she killed somebody yet. Brandy. Brandy. Kill somebody somebody with a car Former First Lady Laura. Bush yet somebody Yup. Rooms have killed people is A. Is a great game. Boy. Oh. Vince, neal because he killed razzle who is a? Eighties Metal Guy he was the passenger in the car made arousal was driving I'm not sure but yeah. So Will be there man. We're we're celebrities of kill people a man I mean you go. You don't WanNa go. You don't WanNa. Go. I mean the guy that shot bin Laden he's a celebrities of. Commentator You shop. Bin Laden. Yeah I'll take that. I mean you could say. He could put you can put trump on there because he killed democracy. Everybody. Yeah. That'd be a great show. Happy Anniversary I. Love You have all the fun that I talk soon, Bud. Thank sporadic can't wait to you bud..

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