Tony Blinken, Biden, Mike Konczal discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder


Live steps from the industrially ravage honest canal in the heartland of america downtown brooklyn usa on the program. Today roosevelt fellow. Mike konczal his new book of freedom from the market. Also on the program today. The fever is not broken. Republicans in the senate show their hand in trying to block the impeachment trial. Meanwhile biden announces an order of two hundred million more vaccine doses. Hopefully turning us somewhat to normalcy. By the end of the summer day trump appointed texas judge at least attempts to halt. Biden's moratorium on deportations and the department of justice resist since the zero tolerance rule that led to immigrant children being kidnapped by the trump administration congresswoman marjorie green just twelve months out from liking on social media calls for nation of our political leaders specifically pelosi joe biden reverts to ending a federal private prison. Contracts starts moratorium on new federal oil and gas leases pension fund divest from fossil fuels. Billions of dollars. Tony blinken confirmed our next secretary of state and read it. Offers are destroying hedge funds and making some people very wealthy eliana filibuster fight in the senate just beginning as co vid. Relief negotiations continue. Us announces restoration of relations with palestinians and resumption of refugee in violent clashes continue between government forces and farmers in india. All this and more on today's majority report. Welcome ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us.

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