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To see a rise in swine flu cases tied to this ongoing. Two thousand nine outbreak of two other witnesses claim to have heard the creature in an apple orchard near a cemetery. So some people do believe this is part of the Mothman kind of lower nineteen seventy eight a group of miners in Friburg, Germany came face to face with the seemingly headless creature with glowing red eyes. Chest block in the minds entrance. I thought it was a man in the trench coat quickly realized he was not a coat because then it unfurled huge black wings. The men remain the men remained the mine entrance stunned inserted into creature until a blood-curdling screech centimeters scrambling out. And then about an hour later. They felt a seismic rumble and witnessed a plume of dust shoot from the mind as it collapsed. Excuse me, if the men had gone to their stations as usual the majority would have died that day. So appears that what what has been dubbed, the Friburg shrieker may have saved their lives. However, I cannot find again any original sources for that legend, and I and I have a feeling kind of like the tra- noble in nine eleven this was manufactured on the web kind of like that Russian sleep experiment. And then there's also the Fukushima nuclear meltdown where Marcus pools and American visit Japan was near the plant in two thousand eleven when he suddenly heard a loud whooshing sound terrible screeching. And then he thinks he saw this, you know, creature with large black wings. So there's there's. You know, even other less cited and more obscure supposed legends. So what do I think about Mothman? What what do I think it or he is if anything I will sum up my Mossman thoughts right after we check in with the web on today's idiots of the internet. Internet. At the right time. I want that. And put my record put my accuracy record nailed it today. The first video is looked at as the Mothman documentary. Just over a million views exposed on November twenty fifth two thousand fifteen by top fives. Funny, do jig Jones brings up an excellent point saying, maybe it's just a huge asthma off be so creeping great. If there was just some giant man-sized moth out in West Virginia. I would rather be attacked by moth, man. I think that a giant moth, it's terrified user, Nina. Morales makes an interesting project M K ultra connection saying this is the time when the was experimenting with LSD. So maybe they were having a lot of fun LL fucking with. This town, Anita is correct about the timeline. I mean, the point pleasant Mazda inside incurred what December of our excuse me. The point the bridge clubs sixty seven. You know, the occurrences recurring Mosey in the fall of sixty six M K ultra LSD experiments ran from nineteen Fifty-three until seventy three. They were headquartered at least initially and camp Dietrich. Now, fort Dietrich, Maryland point pleasant only about a five hour drive west excuse me, a four Dietrich, and if you'll recall from the K ultra suck the CIA did dose unsuspecting citizens with LSD at happened for sure the United States president's commission on CIA activities within the United States set up under president Gerald Ford, nineteen seventy five to investigate the activities of the CIA and other agencies within the US commission, led by vice President Nelson Rockefeller, sometimes referred to as the Rockefeller commission did uncover all of this user. Nick does knows that the Mossman Israel is one hundred percent. Sure, he started out, and he posts Mothman is real. I can't say for sure yet. He's a real, but Mossman and LSU macabre or real just because MAs man hasn't been seen. Doesn't mean. It isn't there as well. Well, I think Thunderbird is also possible. But I know scientifically highly unlikely it's just hard for me to imagine every creature from the sea to the land in the skies have all been cartography on on some list, that's playing ridiculous to sit here and say moth, man, or the lesser known creatures..

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