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Washington's top news. W T O P Listen, Live on air on Alexa or on the W T O P app. It's 9 28 traffic and weather on the eights. Let's go to read a castle er in the W. T O B traffic center in Virginia eastbound 66 the delays after 2 34 business trying to make your way into Centerville, then fairly solid after 28 in Centerville, all the way to Nutley Street. Everybody is still being diverted off to Nutley Street because of the fatal crash investigation for the wreck that has And after Netley Street and before the Beltway Just if you're trying to find your way, a worker a workaround to find your way around. Vida did re time the signals on 29 52, China accommodate all the bailout traffic, so just something to keep in mind But expect things to be slow, no matter where you're trying to go interlude of the Beltway in Virginia delays coming from Braddock Road into an A deal with nothing reported outer loop is slow in Maryland from 3 55. Around past the merge with the 2 70, spurred toward the Bradley Boulevard overpass southbound Spur slows its Length as well. The outer loop near the Legion bridge. The work was already set up along the right side. If you're on the Beltway in Prince George's County, you're below speed on the inner loop off and on coming from Route one in college Park toward 4 50 out of delays from 2 14 headed toward the Baltimore Washington Parkway. Both ways of the parkway are slow to a point between powder Mill Road and 1 97 Watch for the crash in either direction north beyond before 4 10. The left lane was blocked with a crash that you're still seeing a delay inside the bell. Way. Also south bound on the Baltimore South Bend on D. C. To 95 actually delays from Eastern Avenue past the East Capitol Street, The eastbound freeway slows into the third Street tunnel its length trying to get onto New York Avenue. So watch for any work. Ashley Homestore's Labor Day sale has been extended. Hurry just a few more days to save 60% off all furniture plus free delivery at Ashley Home Store. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic and Let's check out our forecast now with Chuck Bell. Not going to get a whole lot of sunshine on your Thursday, the heaviest of the rain remains across parts of southern Maryland will gradually be moving out. But occasional and intermittent.

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