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Anywhere. Police are still searching for a suspect. Siri's of late night parties in New York's Washington Square Park has GNU concerned about crowding a show Apollo reports Brandon Giddens was break dancing in the park with his mask on talking about how others are behaving around. Now there's a lot of our brain, the mass, and there's nothing I can do about it. I have to keep my distance. On Friday night, the NYPD, he showed up to tell crowds to go home Saturday night, the crowds were back. In a statement, the university said Being outside in the park is not against the rules. Rules as long as the students are wearing masks, maintaining proper physical distancing and avoiding the kind of large, crowded activities that have been associated with transmission of covert 19. A show Kabbalah, NBC News Radio New YORK Big 10 teams might actually play football this fall. The presidents of Big 10 universities meet today to develop a plan. I'm Cameron Fairchild. And I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg News Room. No can do. That is what Tic Tac's parent bite dances, saying regarding selling or transferring the algorithm behind the video sharing app in any sale or divestment. That's according to the South China Morning Post setting a source, the report says by dance will not hand out the source code behind the social media platform. But the company's US based technology team would be free to develop a new algorithm, and that would be a condition for a sale of the company's U. S assets. Softbank Group executives are reviving discussions about taking the Japanese technology company Private. That's according to the financial Times, citing people with knowledge of the matter, The report says, though, that there's some internal opposition toe a management buyout as being a public listed company carries cachet in Japan. Softbank declined to comment to the paper yesterday. We heard in Video Corp is nearing a deal to acquire Softbank's.

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