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Paul dana jenner who obviously covers the bengals profile. And what i liked about. It was if i were to say to somebody Here's what i need to know about anthony in his in his post playing days. Read this. And you're gonna get a. I think very fair assessment of the work that he's done the lives that he's impacted. How much your foundation matters to you how much this is a true labor of love. I encourage people to read it. I tweeted today but for the uninitiated. It's great that we're out here. Having a good time this is an awesome event. Came out to your golf tournament about three months ago and had a chance to be a part of that that is obviously an awesome event. But what you do for character education. What you do in awarding scholarships for for kids who otherwise might not be able to go to college. I admire it. I know you don't love talking about yourself. But i know you love talking about the work. Foundation does well. Let's go back so we were talking about super bowl. Sixteen so i gotta talk about dave lapham. My left guard blair-bush maximum toy. Mike wilson. Those are the other. Four danny ross tied in mel harris. Then the eight super bowl team. We gotta talk about bruce. Rymere's bruce kozerski we max again. Joe walter bryan. Plato's so that was my time is a cincinnati bengals. That allowed me to be the player. I'd become a bengal because i had some unbelievable people and linemen with the it carries my name. We have a great staff. We have great interns great volunteers. We have great corporate partners. And then i have seventeen of the most amazing board members. So i've gone from fifty plus guys on a team with the bengals being part of that being a part of the success. Now i'm part of a big team. I mentioned all those mentioned all the volunteers and we wouldn't be able to do the things we do with the foundation. If we didn't have all those groups that i mentioned but it is a passion. It's a mission of mine. And i guess the passion i have and the excitement i have i share and i get people on board. I guess. That's that's what i enjoy doing. Know i go to the staff. I have amazing job. I get to meet with them. We put together the volunteers. You know we've had volunteers. Were twenty years old. We have some that have been here just about every year corporate partners you talk about corporate partners you talk about the manor house cincinnati bell. You talk about furniture fair. You talk about the shop foundation people that t- that have been there from the beginning of most of the time so they allow us to do what we're doing so yeah i don't like talking about myself but i like talking about the team that we've assembled over the last twenty years to do what we're doing with the young people in this great it also does have to be gratifying as you mentioned the amount of time you've been at this where you you talk to people who are now adults and they're working and they're going and pursuing their own dreams help launch them into that place. I can't imagine how gratifying that must. Well that's the fun thing about. It is to have people that we've been able to be a small part of their continuing education with scholarships or they've been a part of our character camps for mentoring program and now i find a new york last february do the boomer esiason show and a block from the hotel. I was staying with. Sam becker who is one of our scholarship recipients. Who's now working for a hedge fund and new york and we go out to dinner..

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