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Clouds out there today becoming windy and chilly with a one percent chance of rain in our temperatures in the fifties for tonight's becoming clear windy and much colder temperatures on the north shore drop to thirty seven south shore forty three but with the wind chill or feel like the twenties and thirties so bundle up on Friday morning by Friday afternoon sunny windy and chilly with a high of fifty four looking ahead to the weekend sunny on Saturday with a high of fifty eight becoming mostly cloudy on Sunday it will be warmer with highs in the mid sixties from the weather expert forecaster I'm W. W. well TV meteorologist Dave Nussbaum right now in New Orleans we have mostly cloudy skies fifty eight degrees it's fifty six across the lake I'm Chris Miller WW well first name is W. L. traffic from the Debbie Debbie ridge even the medical traffic center I'm Patti Berman if you come in from the west from a plus bill way looks good and if you're headed to applause no delay in either direction in through Cameron Mandiri we've got the typical slow down between Williams and power and then it hits again opens up after that and then again right before Carrollton we still have that break down in the bottom of the port your exit from the I ten that's got the left lane blocked rebound expressways a little slow heading to the west bank but it opens up after Saint Charles coming from the west bank to the east bank of the lake band expressways gonna be stopping go no delay at the high rise secondary delays at north Claiborne traffic brought to you by the Nash by the national war war to museum got a traffic tip call Debbie Debbie L. five oh four two six zero info from W. W. well the news talk sports power house it's the new rule Norman show.

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