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Natural landscape in america it is a sort of like elite look at a very changing america very progressive america in america becoming a lot stronger and not too many decades it will be a world power it is about to fight a civil war and that's why i team it with this next painting but just taken on its own eighteen fifty six the war is five years off so we can't really think of it in terms of in inist would like he would imbue his paintings with thoughts about what was going on the civil war is not one of them in this painting but it's proximate to the event what we do see is an america becoming much stronger and more sophisticated technologically industrially and you see a beautiful landscape yielding to the inevitable something we see every day with development and all sorts of changes i mean nothing really nothing stay still with that said it is still a beautiful painting polaka wanna valley the pallet that he uses which by the way he was very attuned to what was going on in europe he would study over in in italy he would tour they're beautiful paintings of lake como arom and other places by georgia during his italian sojourn he was very adept at bringing those sort of sophistications of the european painting style back into his american work when he got back here this is an example of that this painting okay now put innocence lackawanna valley from eighteen fifty six to the side and this is this would be a dream exhibition just having the two of them together on one wall the metropolitan museum of arts wonderful peace and plenty from eighteen sixty five the war was still going on the civil war but it would be ending very shortly this is an allegiance painting to that war to the results of that war and to a i would say the an uplifting positive outlook for the future a grinding horror is about to end with our civil war but it is.

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