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News. Pretty forty eight checkout, traffic and weather now, here's Claire lane. Not very many people out and about this very early and very cold Friday morning. Very light traffic across the board. Edens is wide. Open nineteen minutes between Montrose and lake cook. Kennedy fine to twenty minutes in twenty minutes back out between O'Hare and the Jane Byrne just tend to and from the Edens. Eisenhower is good. Stevenson's. Good to thirty minutes between three fifty five in lake shore drive just twenty in and out from the Tri state tollway outside of the Dan Ryan still watching a crash on the Roosevelt exit ramp. Not affecting your main line travel, fifteen minutes between ninety fifth in downtown fifteen in and out on both. I fifty seven as well as your Bishop. Ford freeway lecture is great both north and south the whole stretch of the lakefront, not a delay to report tri-state. Jane Addams are good. Ronald Reagan tollway. Westbound you had an earlier crash at Highland. That has now been cleared from the roadway. So you're in the clear on both east and west I eighty eight this morning veterans is good to north and south. If you're on three fifty five route fifty three and three ninety are good. I eighty is wide open through Joliet. And you're looking pretty good too. If you're passing through northwest, Indiana, all clear, eighty ninety four I ninety four I sixty five in the toll road, traffic and weather together on the aids every ten minutes on News Radio seven eighty one zero five point nine FM, fair skies. Blustery bitterly cold this morning. Low five below zero wind chills. Twenty to twenty five below increasingly cloudy, brisk and frigid later today. A high of six we have two below at O'Hare one above along the lakefront the midway temperature one below west wind.

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