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Remorse thank you I've been president for less than a year and I already had a Supreme Court appointment to make I wanted to do a good job excellent candidates and I carefully reviewed their resumes but also their life stories Hillary and a lot of other people had already told me I needed to take a hard look at Ruth Bader Ginsburg they had ever met actually but Hillary had met her granddaughter because she went out and did a preschool event not long before I now her appointment and she thought her granddaughter was a pretty good advertisement for her grandmother but she told me do you need to know about this person because you've liked people who have good life stories who've actually lived what they say they believe for those you haven't seen the recent films about a remarkable life very short version she grew up in Brooklyn in a family of modest means and as you heard Stephanie say thanks to her mother's relentless early encouragement she attended Cornell University and then Harvard Law where she helped her husband and partner Marty through cancer treatment while simultaneously raising her daughter in working toward a degree when he took it bob in New York she left Harvard now that was a big sacrifice their within five hundred people at Harvard Law School and she was one of nine women today students in law school or women.

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