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Oh. Is there? Is there because we got Joey NFL defensive rookie of the year. We've got Nick than ever to pick in the draft. They don't talk about the third brother the third brother in a boat somewhere. That could sack the quarterback. Yeah. I a I can't handle double team. I can hang tight end to tips me. So he swim. Oh. There. There are only two there are only two brothers. They are two years and three months apart. Right. When I saw during a Knicks press conference in Nashville that one of the reporters called him, Joey. And he literally looked kind of Pissy did you say Joey. And and they reported moved on you've been doing that for a couple of weeks. Yeah. You big on that. I think I'm going to do you know, when he comes on, you know, I'm going to do all the time. What did I do when I met the great black-eyed peas lead singer slash solo vocalist slash NBA all star legend Fergie when I was told year that story money on the show. Well, we had her up at kind of OBI editor Pebble Beach K. And I I was you know, we wanted to get her on and she wasn't gonna come in and sit down, and I had a friend Steve sands of the golf channel NBC who knows her really. Well, sandy. Hey, sandy. He's a great guy. Yeah. Big Redskins fan too. By the way. Dwayne Haskins four after she sang the national before. She had. Ooh. Yeah. They go says, no, backer, backer. I don't care. He told you. He said, listen, Murph. Stacey you'll be happy to come on. I go. What did you say said? Stacy is. That's what that's her name. You don't call it Furby. She Stacey he was friends with just two male just to mo- called Draymond green, yet, another another dark cloud that hung over this warrior season who's been Josh to Mel called out the gentleman chivalry of Draymond green laughing at her which we need to get into a music yesterday with Kerr. Oh, I got I need to get into that at some point. All right, there wasn't too happy. Actually, I thought he's gonna laugh. He wasn't. He apparently, not right. When they read on the show, there's some salt going down. We'll get into it. But so buddy, he said, yeah, stay she'll come on. Just I'll be happy to introduce you after Josh finishes his round. So he said, he's just call her Stacey show like that. So we introduced her, and I said, hi, and we roll the tape and I said, so I'm here with Sarah. Gosh. Sara, sara. Do you remember him saying that wasn't with them when this happened? Thank goodness. You. It was just me. Asmar my brace, Sarah, Ferguson, the duchess of your. Yeah. So when when Nick comes on, it's a lock I'm gonna she laughed. She was kind of laughed, but kind of Steve Kerr pissed Sarah. She's like can you turn the music down? She was like, hey, Josh. Can you turn the music down? Why don't you just call me Fergie? Do let's just make this easy anyway. So Nick Bosa was called Joey by reporter, Joey they kind of a look alike to write like, they're very good guy. You know, somebody wrote and said you said he lives for football, but he quit on his team after the core injury. That's because Bryce love quit on his team at a bowl game, etc. Etc. Had what's his Christian McCaffrey quit on his team in a bowl game? You know? Miles jack. Thing now becoming fashionable you pay these guys, but they start showing up for games, they go your schools making more money off of this bowl game. And this kid. He's already played three years is supposed to show up with an ADB injury and played for your schools. So that what I haven't announced this yet on the air. But this is probably a good time. I've decided copes going forward that a lot of times we have these big broadcast. We have our Pebble Beach are opening day. We go Jesuit. I'll probably going to skip those shows. Just to preserve myself. I I can't log those kind of miles back and forth from Tahoe sitting out. Murphy can handle that when I'm out of management manager. I'm out. All right. Listen, somebody wrote in and said, you can't just move on from white supremacy and racism, so I mean, it's something we should attack head on and talk about their right? I'm the reason why I'm sort of uncomfortable. This whole thing is because like your liking an account that somehow through the Domino's has offensive content. I'm not sure in modern society, how culpable you are for that what sort of guilt or blame should be assigned to you for liking a post. Okay. Let's face it. He is a Donald Trump supporter. He's allowed to be Donald Trump supporter, sixty two million people voted for Donald Trump. I didn't which breaking news, right? So I'm kidding. I've made that quite obvious through air. Breaking I did not vote for you know, who's member? When do you know who was at a Trump rally like jump? Up and down on stage with them and remember, we made no bones about George kennel, George, kindle and CJ Beathard. They he they introduced him. I think he did something a university Iowa and kill and Beth read their onstage or hi fi. We sit out there. Trump's supporters. We remember the cut we were playing out from it. Actually, Don, Trump came out and said I want to thank CJ Beathard for that. Great intro, Donald Trump sound from the cedar from the Iowa City rally guys. So these guys are allowed. So he likes Trump. So when you when you like somebody who likes Trump JR. Chances are that guy at some point might have posted offensive congress. Everyday murphy. Come on. Now, I know exact place every day. Accent. It's such a double standard from the NFL that that Joey Bosa gets drafted Joey see there it is again. Well, at least he's not in the room. But you can't help yourself Nick with an end. I just gotta remember Nick Nick in a box box thing, nickname, bucks Timberlake, sitting on top of the the basketball rim, or I got to think about because he doesn't video it's hilarious. I don't know why. But he's up there. Pointing at the box our bachelor party guy sitting on the rim. Should we call you Nick, or you know, Mr. Nick the blank, right? Nncholas.

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