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Simply say Alexa play KGO eight ten once again here's mark Thompson we do this every day right now actually don't do it every day we do it he would frequently charged him again it's certain the funky stuff going on in various places oftentimes having to do with money or legislators or both there is a lot of a covert nineteen related stuff and this is no exception this is a continuation of the swamps where to where are the middle of Kansas lawmakers are overturning the limit on social gatherings so the people gonna head to church on Easter Sunday the death toll in Kansas has jumped forty percent in a single day oh boy they voted it just yesterday against the restriction that was imposed by the governor governor Laura Kelly in instituted this restriction and even as they I mean can you imagine you had a forty percent jump in your corona virus death toll and you still want to encourage people to gather at a church well doesn't just screw Kansas sisters everybody exactly as I said before we're all swimming in the same pool if they P. in there and it's coming down on our end yep and that's by extension really what's happening worldwide but somebody said on the text line those people are heading to church on on Easter had better pray that they don't get cold at nineteen is good way to put it yeah that's a I'm in Kansas there three cluster outbreaks that have been linked to church gatherings you think they get the message by now now I mean they just they don't I also would mention that the cost of the navy secretary going to Guam so that he could you know cuss out the captain he just relieved of.

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